The fuel pump relay for the 1987 Ford Ranger is located in the fuse box. It can be found under the dashboard on either the driver’s or passenger side of the vehicle. The fuse box will have a cover that must first be removed to access it.

Once opened, look for a white plastic relay with four pins and two rows of terminals. This is usually labeled “fuel pump” or “fp” near it, making it easy to identify. After removing this part from its slot, you can replace it with a new one if needed.

The fuel pump relay in a 1987 Ford Ranger is located under the hood, on the driver’s side of the engine compartment. It is mounted to a bracket near the firewall and can be identified by its rectangular shape. If you are having difficulty locating it, you may need to consult your vehicle’s repair manual for further guidance.

Once located, ensure that all connections are secure and free from corrosion before attempting to replace or repair any components.

1990 2.3L Ford Ranger Fuel Relay

Where is the Fuel Pump Relay on a Ford Ranger?

The fuel pump relay on a Ford Ranger is usually located in the main fuse box in the engine compartment. It’s usually marked with a label that says “FPR” or “Fuel Pump Relay.” The exact location of the fuel pump relay can also depend on the specific year and model of your vehicle; if you’re having trouble locating it, consult your owner’s manual for more detailed information.

Once you’ve found it, make sure to check all wiring connections and replace any worn-out parts before reconnecting it. Doing so will help ensure optimal performance from your Ford Ranger’s fuel pump system.

Where is the Fuel Pump Relay on a 86 Ford Ranger?

The fuel pump relay on a 1986 Ford Ranger is located in the under-hood fuse box. It is connected to the vehicle’s battery and helps regulate power to the fuel pump. The relay can be identified by its black plastic housing with four wires extending from it, as well as two small terminals on top of it.

To access and replace the relay, you will need to remove the cover from your fuse box first. Once this has been done, locate your fuel pump relay inside and use a socket wrench or screwdriver to unscrew it before carefully removing it from its location. Afterwards, replace with a new one that matches the old one’s specifications before finally re-securing all screws and replacing your under-hood fuse box cover back into place once finished with installation.

Where is the Fuel Pump Reset Button on a Ford Ranger?

The fuel pump reset button on a Ford Ranger can be found near the passenger side of the vehicle, in the front compartment. It is located next to a fuse box and behind an access panel. To locate it, open the hood and look for the fuse box that is located close to where you sit while driving.

The access panel will be mounted above or slightly forward of this box, with two screws holding it in place. Once removed, you should see a small black plastic switch with “RESET” printed on it – this is your fuel pump reset button! Push down firmly until you hear a click and then release – your engine should start right up after that!

How Can I Tell If My Fuel Pump Relay is Bad?

If you think your fuel pump relay is bad, there are a few signs that can help you determine if it needs to be replaced. One of the most common symptoms of a faulty fuel pump relay is difficulty starting the engine. If the vehicle has difficulty starting and no other issues have been identified, it may indicate an issue with the fuel pump or its associated relays.

Another sign that may point to a bad fuel pump relay is if the engine suddenly stalls while driving, as this could be caused by a loss of power from the relay. Additionally, if you notice any abnormal sounds coming from under your hood such as whining or whirring noises when you turn on your car’s ignition, this may also point to an issue with either your fuel pump or its relays. Finally, if none of these signs are present but you still suspect there might be an issue with your fuel pump-related components ,a diagnostic scan tool should help in confirming whether or not they need replacing.

1987 Ford Ranger Fuel Pump Relay Location


Ford Ranger Fuel Pump Relay Problem

If you own a Ford Ranger, you may have encountered an issue with your fuel pump relay. This problem is caused by a faulty relay switch that fails to activate the fuel pump when it should, resulting in reduced engine performance or even stalling. If this happens to your vehicle, it’s important to replace the relay switch as soon as possible in order to restore normal operation of your engine and keep yourself safe on the road.

87 Ford Ranger Fuse Box Location

The 87 Ford Ranger fuse box is located underneath the driver side dashboard. It houses all the electrical fuses and relays for the vehicle, protecting it from short circuits and power surges. To access it, you need to remove the trim on the left side of the dashboard as well as any other obstructions that may be in its way such as wiring harnesses or brackets.

Once you have done this, you can simply lift up on the fuse box cover to reveal all of its contents.


Overall, the 1987 Ford Ranger Fuel Pump Relay is located in the fuse box that is under the hood. It is a small black cube with a red and blue wire connected to it. This relay controls the fuel pump and should be checked if your Ranger isn’t getting any fuel to start.

Knowing where this relay is located can help save time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to an auto shop or dealership for repairs.

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