1996 F150 Radius Arm Replacement

The 1996 F150 pickup truck requires the replacement of a radius arm when it is damaged or worn from regular use. The first step to replacing the radius arm is to jack up and secure the vehicle, then remove the wheel and tire. Next, disconnect any electrical components connected to the axle, followed by unbolting and removing both shock absorbers.

After that, you will need a wrench or socket set for loosening and removing all of the nuts, bolts and brackets connected with mounting hardware on either side of the axle assembly that hold in place your existing radius arms. Once these components are removed you can replace them with new parts like bushings as needed before re-installing everything back into its original position using new nuts and bolts snugly tightened down in their specified locations before putting on your wheel/tire combination again. Finally test drive your vehicle to check steering stability after installation is completed successfully.

If you’re looking to replace the radius arm on your 1996 F150, you’ll want to make sure that you get a high-quality part. You should look for an OEM replacement part made from heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum that won’t rust or corrode over time and can withstand the tough conditions of off-roading. Additionally, make sure the new radius arm fits correctly and comes with all necessary hardware before making your purchase.

F150 Coil Spring and Radius Arm repair


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What Type of Radius Arm is Used for a 1996 F150

The 1996 Ford F150 uses a parallel radius arm suspension system. This type of suspension is known for its superior handling capabilities, as it utilizes two long arms that run in parallel to each other and connect the axle to the chassis. The arms are connected with bushings at each end which allow them to pivot and move independently of one another, resulting in improved traction and stability when cornering or going over rough terrain.

Additionally, this type of suspension also reduces body roll by reducing lateral force transfer from the road surface directly to the vehicle’s frame. As such, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride quality while still allowing for greater control than some other types of suspensions.

The Original Radius Arms on the 1996 F150 are Usually Ford Motorcraft W520128 Or Moog K6269

If you own a 1996 F150, then it’s likely that the original radius arms are Ford Motorcraft W520128 or Moog K6269. These two parts have been trusted in the automotive industry for years due to their reliability and durability. Both of these radius arms are designed to give your vehicle improved handling, better steering response and increased stability when driving at higher speeds.

The Ford Motorcraft W520128 is made from heavy-duty steel with a zinc dichromate coating for added protection against rust and corrosion while providing superior strength. The Moog K6269 is constructed from high-quality powdered metal material which offers excellent durability without sacrificing performance. Both of these products come with pre-assembled components as well as instructions on how to properly install them onto your F150 so you can be sure they will fit perfectly into place without any issues.

In addition, both of these products feature an adjustable camber adjustment making it easy for you to fine tune the suspension system according to your preference and driving style.


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Is It Difficult to Replace the Radius Arm on a 1996 F150

Replacing the radius arm on a 1996 F150 can be a difficult and time-consuming job. It requires special tools, in addition to knowledge of suspension components and geometry. For those who have never done it before, it’s best to find an experienced mechanic or someone with experience in this type of repair work.

The first step is usually to remove the old radius arm from its mounting bracket. This may involve disconnecting other parts connected to the radius arm such as control arms, sway bar links, shocks and more. Once removed, you will need to measure for correct replacement size prior to installation of the new one.

The next step is reinstalling all components that were disconnected – these must be adjusted correctly to ensure proper alignment when finished installing your new part. With patience and some skill any hobbyist can replace their own radius arm with relative ease but if needed there are plenty of qualified professionals available who can provide assistance throughout this process as well!

Replacing the Radius Arm Can Be Time Consuming And Require Some Tools, But With Patience And Following the Correct Steps It Should Not Be Overly Difficult for Most People With Basic Mechanical Knowledge

Replacing the radius arm is an important task for any vehicle owner, but it can be quite time consuming and require some special tools. While it might seem like a daunting undertaking to those who don’t possess much knowledge of mechanics, with patience and by following the correct steps it should not be overly difficult for most people. First, you need to make sure that you have all the right tools needed for this job; if anything is missing or broken then you won’t be able to get the job done properly.

Next, jack up your car so that you can access the underside where most parts are located. Once your car is raised safely on jack stands and secured in place, use a wrench to disconnect the ball joint from its mount before removing nuts from bolts connecting other components sitting near your radius arm such as shock absorbers and sway bars. Finally, remove old mounting hardware from radius arm before installing new part using fresh nuts and bolts.

After everything is connected back together again properly double check each step to ensure nothing was missed or overlooked – once complete lower your vehicle off jacks onto ground level again! With these few simple steps replacing your own radius arm should not prove overly difficult even for people with limited mechanical experience – just remember safety first!


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How Much Does Replacing the Radius Arm Cost for a 1996 F150

Replacing the radius arm in a 1996 F150 can be quite costly depending on the type of parts that are used. The cost of replacing the radius arm will depend on whether you choose to buy an OEM or aftermarket part, and if you do any additional labor or installation yourself. Generally speaking, an aftermarket radius arm for a 1996 F150 will run between $50-$250 while an OEM replacement could range from $200-$400.

If you decide to have a professional install it then expect to add another several hundred dollars onto that total price tag due to labor costs. When considering all these factors, it is important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision about how much money you want to spend on this repair job for your 1996 F150.

Replacement Parts Typically Range in Price from $50-$200 Depending on Quality And Brand, Plus Labor Costs If You Take Your Vehicle to an Auto Shop to Have It Done Professionally Instead of Doing It Yourself at Home

Replacing parts on your vehicle can often be a daunting task. It is important to understand the cost of buying replacement parts, as well as any labor costs associated with having it done professionally at an auto shop. Parts typically range in price from $50-$200 depending on quality and brand; this may seem expensive but could save you time and money if you choose to have them installed by professionals instead of doing it yourself at home.

Labor for installation will depend on the complexity of the job, so make sure to speak with a mechanic beforehand to get an estimate on total cost. Doing things yourself at home can be rewarding but also comes with risks; if something goes wrong or worse, you could end up spending more than what was originally estimated by a professional since they already have vast experience in handling these types of repairs.

1996 F150 Radius Arm Replacement

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Ford Radius Arm Replacement

Replacing your Ford’s Radius Arm is a relatively straightforward process that requires you to remove the old arm and then install the new one. It can be done at home with basic tools, though it may take some time. Make sure to use high-quality parts for best results, as low-quality replacement parts may not hold up over time and could cause further damage down the line.

Additionally, ensure that you have all of the necessary components before beginning; if any pieces are missing or damaged, they should be replaced prior to installation.

1996 F150 Radius Arm Bushing

The 1996 F-150 radius arm bushing is an important suspension component that helps keep the steering system in place. This rubber bushing connects the vehicle’s frame and axle, allowing for more road stability. Over time, these bushings wear out due to environmental factors such as road debris and weather conditions.

It is important to replace your vehicle’s radius arm bushings regularly to ensure a smooth ride and prevent further damage from occurring.

1995 F150 Radius Arm Replacement

The 1995 F150 radius arm replacement is an important maintenance procedure that needs to be done regularly. The radius arms are responsible for maintaining the proper wheel alignment and suspension of the vehicle, so it’s critical that they remain in good condition. Replacing them requires removing the old arms, installing new ones, and securing them with bolts or u-bolts.

If you’re not familiar with this type of repair work, it might be best to leave it to a professional mechanic who can ensure everything is done correctly.


In conclusion, replacing the radius arms on a 1996 F150 is not an overly complicated process. With the right tools and some patience, most people can complete this job in their own garage or driveway. It is important to remember that it is important to properly torque all bolts and use appropriate thread locker when installing new parts.

Also, be sure to check for any other worn suspension components such as control arm bushings and shock absorbers before completing the job. Replacing these parts will help ensure your vehicle’s suspension remains in good working condition for many years to come.


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