The 2015 Dodge Ram is prone to brake controller problems. The most common issue with the system is that it doesn’t work properly when installing a trailer brake controller. This can be caused by a faulty wiring harness, incorrect module programming or an issue with the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM).

Other issues include random activation of the brakes and failure to activate when needed. All these issues can lead to safety concerns, so owners should contact their local dealer for assistance if they experience any problem with their brake controllers. Furthermore, proper installation and maintenance is essential in order for the system to operate correctly.

In 2015, many Dodge Ram owners experienced problems with the brake controller. Specifically, drivers reported that the brakes were over-sensitive and sometimes felt like they had to be pushed too hard or too soft in order to get a proper response from the vehicle. This issue was attributed to a faulty wire harness connected to the cruise control switch which caused it not to work properly.

Fortunately, Dodge released an updated version of their brake controllers which resolved this issue for most affected customers.

2015 Dodge Ram 3500 service electronic breaking system ABS repair. NO PARTS NEEDED

How Do I Know If My Brake Controller is Bad?

If you suspect that your brake controller is not working correctly, there are a few signs that you should look out for. The most obvious sign of a malfunctioning brake controller is if your brakes feel spongy or unresponsive when you press down on the pedal. If this occurs, it may indicate an issue with the brake controller itself.

Additionally, if the brakes don’t activate when they should or if they activate too quickly, these could also be signs of a bad brake controller. Furthermore, any unusual sounds coming from the brakes such as grinding or squealing can be another indication that something isn’t right and potentially point to an issue with your brake controller. Finally, if your vehicle begins to pull to one side when applying the brakes then this could also hint towards problems with your brake control system and suggest further investigation may be needed into whether or not it has become faulty in some way.

What are Common Problems With Trailer Brake Controller?

When it comes to trailer brake controllers, one of the most common problems people experience is not having enough braking power. This can be caused by several things; sometimes the brake controller itself needs to be adjusted in order for it to provide adequate braking force, other times the wiring may need to be checked and/or replaced if there are any breaks or corrosion. Additionally, brakes on a trailer can tend to wear out quickly due to their constant use when hauling heavy loads so regular maintenance is important in order for them perform correctly.

Finally, some of the more modern trailers have electric over hydraulic systems that require special care and attention since they are prone to failure if not properly maintained. All of these issues must be addressed in order for a trailer’s brakes work safely and effectively.

How Can I Test My Brake Controller?

Testing your brake controller is an important step in ensuring that your vehicle brakes safely and properly. Before testing, make sure that the trailer is connected correctly and securely to the tow vehicle. Then, check all connections on the brake control unit itself for any loose or broken wires.

Once you have verified everything is secure and intact, you can begin testing the trailer brakes by activating them manually with a switch or a button located inside your tow vehicle cab. This will allow you to see if each of the braking elements are operating as they should be. If any issues arise during this process, it’s best to consult a professional before continuing further tests with your brake controller so that any potential problems can be addressed immediately.

Do Truck Brake Controllers Go Bad?

Truck brake controllers are a vital piece of equipment in your truck, and like any other part they can go bad over time. In some cases, these parts may require replacing due to normal wear and tear or because of an accident. It is important to pay attention to the signs that indicate a brake controller might be going bad so you can take steps to replace it before it causes an issue on the road.

Some common signs of a malfunctioning truck brake controller include: slow response when pressing the brakes, unbalanced braking pressure between front and rear axles, excessive noise from the brakes during braking or coasting down hills, uneven stopping distance regardless of how hard you press the pedal, pulsating or shaking during deceleration from high speeds and jerky stops when coming to a stop. If you experience any of these symptoms then it’s likely that your brake controller needs replacing – don’t try to fix it yourself as this could potentially cause further damage!

2015 Dodge Ram Brake Controller Problems


2015 Ram 1500 Trailer Brake Not Working

If you own a 2015 Ram 1500, it’s important to make sure the trailer brake lights are functioning properly. If your trailer brake light is not working, this could cause an unsafe driving condition for you and other drivers on the road. To ensure proper functionality of your vehicle’s braking system, be sure to check that all connections between the truck and trailer are securely connected before taking off on any journey.

Additionally, checking the wiring harnesses for any frayed or worn out wires can help diagnose potential issues with your trailer brakes quickly and easily.

Dodge Ram Integrated Trailer Brake Controller Problems

The Dodge Ram is a popular pickup truck that offers an integrated trailer brake controller to help drivers safely tow heavy loads. Unfortunately, these controllers can be prone to problems, such as inaccurate braking control or false alarms. Drivers should be aware of the common issues related to this feature and take steps to properly maintain their integrated trailer brake controller for optimal performance and safety.

Ram Brake Controller Not Recognizing Trailer

If you’re having trouble getting your Ram brake controller to recognize your trailer, it could be due to a number of issues. Before troubleshooting, make sure the connections between the tow vehicle and trailer are secure and in proper working order. If these connections check out and the problem persists, then it’s likely an issue with the brake controller itself or its wiring.

Check for any signs of corrosion on wires or connectors as this could prevent it from communicating properly with other components. Additionally, if you recently installed a new brake controller or made changes to existing wiring, double-check that everything is hooked up correctly. Lastly, some Ram models may require software updates to ensure compatibility with certain brakes controllers – consult your owner’s manual for more information about how to do this.


In conclusion, the 2015 Dodge Ram brake controller problems have been a thorn in many owners’ sides for years. While some have seen success with DIY fixes, it appears that the most reliable solution is to replace the controller altogether. However, given how long this issue has been unresolved and that there are no known recalls on the part, it can be difficult to find an affordable replacement.

The good news is that support from both aftermarket dealers and Dodge’s customer service team make finding help much easier than before.

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