5.7 Hemi Turbo Vs Supercharger


The two most common ways to force air into an engine are turbochargers and superchargers. Both devices serve the same purpose, but they go about it in different ways. A turbocharger uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine that in turn spins an air pump. A supercharger, on the other hand, is driven directly by the engine’s crankshaft.

So, which is better? That depends on a number of factors. For instance, a turbocharger typically produces more power than a supercharger, but a supercharger is easier to install. Additionally, a turbocharger can cause turbo lag – the delay between when you hit the gas and when the power kicks in – while a supercharger does not.

ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the power of a turbocharger, while others prefer the simplicity of a supercharger. There is no right or wrong answer, so it’s important to weigh your options and decide what’s best for you.

Differences Between: 5.7 hemi turbo vs supercharger

1. A turbocharger is powered by exhaust gases, while a supercharger is powered by a belt connected to the engine.
2. A turbocharger boosts pressure by compressing air, while a supercharger boosts pressure by mechanically forcing air into the engine.
3. A turbocharger is more efficient than a supercharger, but a supercharger is more durable.
4. A turbocharger can provide more power than a supercharger, but a supercharger can provide power more quickly.
5. A turbocharger can cause engine lag, while a supercharger does not.
6. A turbocharger is more expensive than a supercharger.
7. A turbocharger is quieter than a supercharger.

Review of 5.7 hemi turbo

5.7 hemi turbo:


1. Increased power and torque output
2. More efficient
3. Faster spool-up
4. Greater thermal efficiency
5. Reduced emissions


1. More expensive
2. Requires more engine modifications
3. Can result in decreased fuel economy
4. Can cause turbo lag
5. Requires more frequent maintenance

In-depth Review of supercharger

1.Superchargers are more expensive than turbochargers.

2.Superchargers are less efficient than turbochargers.

3.Superchargers can cause engine damage if not used properly.

4.Superchargers can be louder than turbochargers.

5.Superchargers can cause increased wear and tear on the engine.

6.Superchargers can reduce fuel economy.

7.Superchargers can be difficult to install.

8.Superchargers can require more maintenance than turbochargers.

9.Superchargers can decrease engine longevity.

10.Superchargers can void the warranty on your vehicle.

If you are still unclear about the difference between a 5.7 hemi turbo and a supercharger, please feel free to comment below.

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