Dodge Ram Gear Selector Problems

Dodge Ram gear selector problems are mainly caused by faulty transmission control modules. These can cause the vehicle to shift erratically or not at all. Other possible causes include worn out gears, broken wires, and a faulty clutch plate.

It is important to take your car into a qualified mechanic if you experience any of these symptoms so that they can diagnose the problem accurately and properly repair it. Replacing the transmission control module may be necessary in some cases as well as replacing certain parts such as clutches, gears, cables and wiring harnesses. Depending on how severe the damage is will determine the amount of repairs needed to fix the issue with your Dodge Ram’s gear selector.

The Dodge Ram is a reputable vehicle, but there have been reports of gear selector problems. Commonly, the gear shift can become stuck in park or won’t go into reverse. If you are experiencing this issue with your Dodge Ram, it’s best to take it to a qualified mechanic right away who can diagnose and repair the problem before further damage occurs.

Ram Truck 8 speed transmission park override

Why Won T My Dodge Truck Shift Out of Park?

If you are having difficulty shifting your Dodge truck out of Park, it may be due to a number of different issues. The most common cause is that the shift interlock solenoid has failed, which prevents the shifter from being moved out of Park without depressing the brake pedal. Other possible causes include an electrical problem with the shift lock control module or a worn shifter linkage cable.

If nothing happens when you press on the brake pedal, then it could also be caused by a faulty ignition switch or wiring issue. In either case, it is best to take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can inspect and diagnose what exactly is causing this issue and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible in order to get your Dodge truck back on the road safely.

What is the Transmission Recall on Ram?

The transmission recall on RAM vehicles is an important safety issue that all owners need to be aware of. Recently, a major transmission recall has been issued for certain model years of RAM trucks due to the potential for faulty transmissions. The affected models are from 2019-2021 and include the 1500 pickups, 2500 heavy duty pickups, and 3500 Chassis Cab models with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

To determine if your vehicle is subject to this recall you should check with your local dealer or contact FCA US LLC at 1-800-853-1403 for more information about the safety campaign number N45. If your truck does qualify for the recall it will require a free repair at an authorized dealership which can take several hours depending on available parts and scheduling availability. It’s essential that you get this issue addressed as soon as possible since failure to do so could lead to serious damage up to and including complete engine failure in some cases.

Why is My Shift Indicator Not Working?

If your shift indicator is not working, you may be facing a frustrating problem. This issue can cause the vehicle to feel sluggish when accelerating or it could even prevent you from shifting gears altogether. The most common causes of this issue are worn-out parts that need to be replaced, faulty wiring, or low transmission fluid levels.

If you have checked all of these and still find that your shift indicator is not working properly, then it’s time to take a closer look at the system itself. You may need to inspect the cables and linkages associated with the shifter as well as check for any loose connections in the dashboard area near where the shift indicator is located. Additionally, if there’s an electrical component causing an issue with the shift indicator, then you will likely need to consult an expert mechanic for assistance in repairing or replacing it.

Taking care of these issues quickly will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly so don’t hesitate to get help if needed.

What Years Did Dodge Ram Have Transmission Problems?

From model year 2003 to the present, Dodge Ram trucks have had a long history of transmission problems. From frequent shifting issues in early models to complete transmission failure in later years, these problems have plagued owners and caused headaches for mechanics alike. The most common problem areas include hard shifts due to worn out clutches, faulty sensors that cause delayed or erratic shifting, defective solenoids that can cause slipping and finally, failed torque converters which lead to poor fuel economy and reduced performance.

In some cases the entire transmission must be replaced as a result of these issues — an expensive fix for any owner who has already paid thousands for their vehicle. While many newer Rams are built with stronger components that reduce the risk of transmissions failing prematurely, these earlier model years still require regular maintenance and repair if they are going to stay running smoothly.

Dodge Ram Gear Selector Problems


Dodge Ram Gear Indicator Fix

The Dodge Ram is a popular pickup truck that has been around for decades. Unfortunately, many owners have experienced problems with the gear indicator not working correctly. Fortunately, there are some fixes available to remedy this issue.

One such fix involves replacing the gear selector switch and checking wiring connections for any loose or damaged components. Additionally, you may need to recalibrate your vehicle’s computer after making the repairs in order to get the gear indicator working properly again. Taking these steps should help you restore function of your Dodge Ram’s gear indicator so you can drive safely and confidently on the road!

Dodge Ram Gear Selector + – on Steering Wheel

If you’re looking for a convenient way to shift gears in your Dodge Ram, look no further than the gear selector + – on the steering wheel. This feature allows drivers to easily switch between reverse, neutral and drive without taking their hands off the wheel. The gear selector is located just above the left side of the steering wheel and features two buttons labeled “+” and “-“.

Simply press either one of these to move up or down through available gears – making it easy and safe to go from drive to reverse or vice versa.

Dodge Ram Shift Linkage Adjustment

One of the most common issues that can occur with a Dodge Ram pickup truck is improper shift linkage adjustment. Fortunately, this issue can be easily resolved by making a few adjustments to the shift linkage. This involves loosening and tightening certain bolts or nuts located near the transmission so as to properly adjust the shift lever height and ensure it is in sync with the transmission.

Additionally, ensuring all linkages are firmly connected will help keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.


In conclusion, the Dodge Ram Gear Selector Problems can be a major issue when owning one of these vehicles. It is important to understand what causes them, and how to fix them. While there may not be an easy solution for every gear selector problem, following the steps mentioned in this blog post will help ensure that you are addressing the issue properly and doing everything possible to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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