Ford 6.7 Ccv Filter Replacement Interval

The Ford 6.7 CCV filter replacement interval typically falls between 30,000 to 35,000 miles or every two years depending on use and environmental conditions. However, this is only a recommended guideline as some owners may need to replace the filter sooner than others due to heavy engine loads or working in dusty environments. It is important for owners to regularly inspect the filter for any signs of wear such as dirt buildup that could indicate a clogged filter which should be replaced at once if found.

Additionally, it’s best practice for those who work their Ford 6.7 heavily in extreme conditions or tow frequently to have their filters checked more often than the intervals suggested above.

When it comes to keeping your Ford 6.7 up and running, one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform is replacing the ccv filter at regular intervals. This filter helps protect your engine from oil-contaminated air, which can cause long-term damage if left unchecked. The recommended replacement interval for this filter is approximately every 30,000 miles or 500 hours of operation – whichever occurs first.

By taking a few moments to change out this crucial piece of equipment on schedule, you’ll be ensuring that your truck runs smoothly for many years to come!

6.7 Powerstroke CCV replacement

How Often Should You Change Your Ccv Filter?

When it comes to maintaining your car’s CCV filter, it is recommended that the filter be changed every 30,000 miles or at least once a year. This will ensure that your vehicle has optimal performance and fuel efficiency. The combination of dust, dirt and other particles from the environment can clog up the filter, causing it to become inefficient and reducing its effectiveness in controlling oil vapors from entering back into the intake system.

If you don’t change your CCV filter regularly then there is a chance for contaminated air being drawn into the engine which could cause damage over time. In order to prevent any potential problems with your car’s engine, make sure you check on your CCV filter regularly and replace it if necessary.

What Happens If You Don’T Change Your Ccv Filter?

Not changing your cabin air filter (CCV) can have serious implications for the health and performance of your car. When a CCV filter becomes clogged, it will reduce airflow to the engine, making it difficult for the vehicle to remain at its ideal temperature while running. This means that not only will you lose power as the engine struggles to perform, but you’ll also be wasting fuel as well!

Additionally, when this happens your car may start experiencing other issues such as poor acceleration and slow response time. And if that wasn’t enough, with no fresh air circulating in the cabin you could end up inhaling potentially hazardous particles like pollen or dust which can cause respiratory problems over time. If all these issues weren’t bad enough, failing to replace your CCV filter on a regular basis could even result in costly repairs down the road – so make sure you stay on top of things and get that old filter swapped out!

How Often Do You Change the Air Filter on a 6.7 Powerstroke?

When it comes to the 6.7 Powerstroke, changing the air filter is an essential part of maintaining your engine’s health and performance. It’s important to change the air filter regularly in order to ensure that your engine is getting enough clean, filtered air for optimal functioning. Generally speaking, you should be changing the air filter on your 6.7 Powerstroke every 5-10 thousand miles, or once a year at minimum – whichever comes first.

Additionally, if you’re using your vehicle for more demanding tasks such as heavy hauling or off-roading, then you may need to replace the air filter more often than what’s recommended by Ford Motor Company. Keeping up with regular maintenance can help prolong its lifespan and prevent costly repairs down the line – so make sure you check and replace your 6.7 Powerstroke’s air filter accordingly!

What is Ccv Reroute 6.7 Powerstroke?

The CCV Reroute 6.7 Powerstroke is an innovative system designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. It works by redirecting the crankcase ventilation (CCV) away from the intake manifold, and instead into a catch can or oil separator which captures all the oily vapors and prevents them from entering the combustion chamber where they can cause damage and reduce power output. The reroute also helps to keep excess oil vapors out of your air filter, reducing maintenance costs associated with changing it regularly.

Additionally, this system allows for more efficient fuel consumption as well as reduced emissions due to less contaminants being released into the atmosphere.

Ford 6.7 Ccv Filter Replacement Interval


Ford 6.7 Ccv Issues

The Ford 6.7 engine is known for its power and reliability, but some owners have reported issues with the crankcase ventilation (CCV) system. This issue can cause sludge build-up in the engine, which can lead to reduced performance and increased oil consumption. Fortunately, there are several solutions available that can help reduce or eliminate this problem, such as replacing the CCV filter more frequently and performing regular maintenance on your vehicle’s PCV valve.

Ccv Filter Change Interval

The recommended change interval for your vehicle’s CCV filter depends on the type of driving you normally do and the environment in which your vehicle operates. For most drivers, it is recommended to replace the filter every 15,000-30,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. It is important to remember that if you drive under extreme conditions such as dusty roads or off-roading, then it is suggested to replace the filter more often than indicated in order to ensure optimal performance of your engine.

6.7 Powerstroke Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your 6.7 Powerstroke engine is essential for optimal performance, fuel economy, and reliability. The manufacturer recommends following a strict maintenance schedule to ensure the best results. This includes changing the oil every 7500 miles or 12 months, replacing the fuel filters at 15000 miles or 24 months, checking fluid levels regularly and changing other fluids as recommended in the owner’s manual.

It’s also important to inspect all hoses and belts annually to prevent any problems from arising due to wear and tear. Following this maintenance schedule will help keep your 6.7 Powerstroke running smoothly for years to come!


In conclusion, replacing the Ford 6.7 CCV filter at regular intervals is important for ensuring the best performance and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. If neglected, this can lead to costly repairs or damage down the road. Taking proactive maintenance steps to ensure your Ford 6.7 CCV filter remains in good condition can help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently over its lifetime.


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