Ford Ruby Red Metallic Paint Code

Ford Ruby Red Metallic paint code is PMS 199C. This color was first developed in 2014 and used on Ford vehicles starting with the 2015 model year. It is a bright red metallic paint that has proven popular because of its eye-catching appearance.

The specific colour code for this shade is 8T0, which translates to an RGB value of (227, 24, 55). To apply this shade of red to your vehicle, you will need to use either automotive base coat/clear coat or single stage enamel systems.

Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic paint is an eye-catching color that will make your car stand out from the crowd. It features a deep, rich red hue that adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any vehicle. The Ford Ruby Red Metallic paint code is G6Q, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your car.

Whether you’re looking for a classic shade or something more modern and bold, this color can provide the perfect finishing touch to give your ride a unique look.

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Is Ford Ruby Red a Metallic Paint?

Ford Ruby Red Metallic is a unique paint color that adds the perfect touch of elegance to your vehicle. It’s a deep, rich red with hints of burgundy and bronze throughout. The metallic finish gives your car an extra sparkle in any light conditions, making it stand out from other vehicles on the road.

Ford Ruby Red Metallic has been used on many classic cars since its introduction in 1965 and continues to be one of the most popular colors chosen by people today. Despite its popularity, you may still wonder if it is actually considered a “metallic” paint or not? The answer is yes!

Ford Ruby Red Metallic contains special pigments that cause light to reflect off its surface differently than regular non-metallic paints do, giving it its distinctive shine. This type of paint will resist fading for years due to its strong exterior protection properties as well as being chip resistant when used correctly . So if you’re looking for an eye-catching hue that won’t go out of style anytime soon, then consider choosing Ford Ruby Red Metallic for your next vehicle makeover!

Is Ford Ruby Red a 3 Stage Paint?

When it comes to Ford Ruby Red, the short answer is no – this is not a 3 stage paint. Ford Ruby Red is a special single-stage color that was introduced in 1967 and carried through to the late 1970s. It’s an iconic shade of red with hints of orange and yellow, earning its name from the rich ruby gemstone.

This unique color has been used on some of Ford’s most popular models over the years, including Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Cougars and Galaxies. Although it may look like a three-stage finish due to its depth and complexity of hue, this particular shade can be achieved using only one coat unless you’re looking for an exact factory match or something more custom. So if you’re looking for a classic vintage feel or just want your ride to stand out from the crowd then Ford Ruby Red could be just what you need!

Is Ford Ruby Red a Tri Coat?

Ford Ruby Red is a unique color option offered by Ford that has become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts. It’s known for its deep scarlet hue and glossy finish, which make it stand out from other colors in the market. But what many people don’t know is that Ford Ruby Red isn’t just one single coat of paint – it actually consists of three separate coats: a basecoat, midcoat, and clearcoat.

The basecoat is responsible for giving the vehicle its signature red color while the midcoat helps to deepen and enrich the red tone even further. Finally, the clearcoat seals in all of those layers and adds extra protection against scratches, fading, oxidation, etc. All together these three coats work together to create an eye-catching look with plenty of depth and shine that you can be proud to show off on your ride!

What Paint Code is Ruby Red Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is a classic car that has been around for decades, and its signature ruby red paint color is one of the most iconic aspects of the model. If you’re looking to give your Mustang a new look with this classic hue, then you’ll need to know what code will get you the exact shade. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out – just look at your vehicle’s data plate or owner guide to locate its paint code.

The specific code for Ruby Red on Mustangs from 2005-2009 is B2. To be sure you have the right color, compare it against a swatch provided by an auto parts store or online retailer; they usually carry these as well as any other paints and primers needed for automotive projects.

Ford Ruby Red Metallic Paint Code


Ford Ruby Red Spray Paint

Ford Ruby Red spray paint is a popular choice for use on vehicles, as it provides a long lasting and vibrant finish. It is an acrylic lacquer that can be used both indoors and outdoors without the risk of fade or chipping from exposure to the elements. Ford’s unique formulation offers excellent coverage and adhesion, making it perfect for any automotive project.

Its quick drying time also makes it easy to apply multiple coats in one day, ensuring your vehicle looks great all year round!

Ford Paint Code Rr Problems

Ford paint code RR problems can be quite a nuisance for Ford owners. This particular paint code is known to cause fading, discoloration, and cracking due to exposure to the elements or inadequate maintenance. To prevent these issues from occurring, it’s important that owners keep their vehicles clean on a regular basis and wax them at least twice per year.

Additionally, if you notice any signs of wear on your vehicle’s paint job, it may be time for a touch-up or even a complete respray with the correct RR code color match to restore its original appearance.

Ford Ruby Red Metallic Paint Gallon

Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic Paint is a premium-quality, single stage acrylic lacquer that delivers outstanding coverage and durability. This paint can be used to touch up minor scratches and dings on your Ford vehicle or as a topcoat for large projects. Each gallon of this vibrant color comes pre-thinned so it is ready to spray right out of the can, making it easy and convenient to use.

Plus, its quick drying time means you’ll have an impressive finish in no time!


Ford Ruby Red Metallic Paint Code is a great choice for anyone looking to give their car a unique and eye-catching paint color. With its bold red hue, it will make any car look stylish and sophisticated. The code also makes it easy to touch up or repair areas of the vehicle that have been damaged by scratches or dents.

All in all, Ford Ruby Red Metallic Paint Code is an ideal option for anyone who wants to add some extra flair to their ride.


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