Gmc Acadia Years to Avoid

If you’re in the market for a GMC Acadia, you may be wondering which years to avoid. The Acadia is a mid-size SUV that was first introduced in 2007. It’s available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive and has seating for up to eight passengers.

While the Acadia is generally a reliable SUV, there are certain model years that are known for having more problems than others. Here’s a look at the GMC Acadia years to avoid. The 2007 GMC Acadia was the first year of production for this SUV.

While it’s not necessarily a bad vehicle, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering one of these early models. First, the 2007 Acadia has been recalled several times for various issues including engine fires and electrical problems. Additionally, many owners have reported transmission problems with this year of Acadia.

If you’re looking at a 2007 model, it’s important to make sure that any recalls have been addressed and that the transmission has been serviced regularly.

If you’re in the market for a GMC Acadia, you might be wondering which years to avoid. While the Acadia is generally a reliable vehicle, there are some years that tend to have more problems than others. Here’s a look at the GMC Acadia years to avoid, according to Consumer Reports.

The 2007 Acadia was the first year of production and unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst. Consumer Reports gave it a reliability rating of just 1 out of 5, with complaints ranging from engine issues to transmission problems. The 2008 and 2009 models fared only slightly better, with ratings of 2 out of 5.

2010 was a bit of an improvement, but still not great. The 2011 model saw another uptick in reliability, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the Acadia really started to shape up. Since then, it’s been consistently rated as one of the most reliable large SUVs on the market.

So if you’re looking at used GMC Acadias, try to avoid anything from 2007-2011. Stick with newer models and you should be good to go!

Gmc Acadia Years to Avoid


Do Gmc Acadias Have Engine Problems?

The GMC Acadia is a popular SUV, and like any vehicle, it has its share of engine problems. Some common issues include the engine stalling or hesitating, the check engine light coming on, and the engine making strange noises. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your Acadia, take it to a mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

In most cases, these problems can be fixed relatively easily and won’t cost you a lot of money.

How Many Miles Does a Gmc Acadia Last?

Assuming you’re asking how long a GMC Acadia will last: The average car lasts around 15 years or 200,000 miles. However, this is just an average and some cars last much longer while others don’t make it as many miles.

It really depends on how well you take care of your car and how often you drive it. The GMC Acadia is a newer model (it was first released in 2007), so it’s hard to say exactly how long it will last. However, if you take good care of it and don’t drive it too much, it could easily last 15 years or more.

Are Gmc Acadias Reliable?

Yes, GMC Acadias are reliable. In fact, they’re some of the most reliable SUVs on the market. Their average lifespan is around 10 years or more, and they have a very low rate of engine and transmission problems.

Additionally, their exterior design is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, so you can feel confident taking them out in any type of weather.

Which is Better Acadia Or Traverse?

There are a few things to consider when trying to decide which SUV is better for you. Both the Acadia and Traverse offer great value, but there are some differences that might make one or the other a better choice for you. Here are some things to think about:

1. Size – The Acadia is slightly smaller than the Traverse, making it a better choice if you’re looking for something more nimble. However, the Traverse offers more passenger and cargo space, so it’s a good choice if you need a little extra room. 2. Power – The Acadia has a V6 engine with 310 horsepower, while the Traverse has a V6 engine with 281 horsepower.

So, if you’re looking for a little extra power under the hood, the Acadia might be the way to go. 3. Fuel economy – The Acadia gets an EPA-estimated 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway, while the Traverse gets an EPA-estimated 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. So, if fuel economy is important to you,the Acadia could be a better choice.

4. Pricing – The starting MSRP for the Acadia is $29,995, while the starting MSRP forthe Traverse is $31,795. So, if budget is a key factor in your decision making process,the Acadia might be worth considering.

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Gmc Acadia Best Years

The GMC Acadia is a great SUV. It has plenty of space for families and their belongings, it’s comfortable to drive, and it’s packed with features that make life easier. However, like all vehicles, there are some years that are better than others.

So, what are the best years for the GMC Acadia? Here at Jimmy Granger Chevrolet Cadillac we believe that the best years for the GMC Acadia are 2010-2013. These model years offer the perfect blend of features, comfort, and value.

They’re also some of the most reliable SUVs on the road today, so you can rest assured knowing that your Acadia will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. If you’re in the market for a GMC Acadia, be sure to check out our inventory of pre-owned models. We always have a great selection of Acadias from these best model years available at unbeatable prices.

Stop by today and take one for a test drive!

Gmc Acadia Pros And Cons

Weighing the GMC Acadia Pros and Cons When shopping for a new SUV, it’s important to consider all of your options. The GMC Acadia is a popular choice, but it’s not right for everyone.

Here are some things to think about when weighing the pros and cons of this vehicle. GMC Acadia Pros: 1. Spacious interior.

The Acadia has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. It’s a great choice for families or anyone who needs a lot of space. 2. Comfortable ride.

The Acadia is smooth and comfortable to drive, even on long trips. 3. Lots of features. This SUV comes loaded with features like heated seats, Bluetooth, and an excellent sound system.

You can even get extras like a sunroof or navigation system if you want them. 4.. Reasonably priced .

The Acadia is priced competitively with other SUVs in its class.. 5 Safe .

The Acadia has a good safety rating and comes standard with several safety features, such as airbags and stability control..

Best Year for Gmc Acadia Denali

2018 was a great year for the GMC Acadia Denali. It received high marks from critics and consumers alike, and was one of the best selling SUVs in its class. Here’s a look at what made the Acadia Denali so special in 2018:

The Acadia Denali is a stylish SUV that turns heads. Its sleek design and luxurious features make it stand out in a crowd. The Acadia Denali is packed with powerful performance features.

Its V6 engine delivers plenty of power, while its advanced suspension provides a smooth ride. The Acadia Denali comes loaded with premium features. Heated front seats, navigation, and an upgraded infotainment system are just some of the goodies that come standard on this SUV.

The Acadia Denali has plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Its spacious interior can comfortably seat up to seven people, making it ideal for families or groups of friends. And when you need to haul gear, the AcadiaDenali’s large trunk has you covered.

Gmc Acadia Years Made

The GMC Acadia is a full-size SUV that was first introduced in 2007. It is available in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive and seats up to eight passengers. The Acadia shares its platform with the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave.

For the 2017 model year, the Acadia was refreshed with a new grille, headlights, and taillights. The first generation of the GMC Acadia ran from 2007 to 2016 and was powered by a 3.6L V6 engine that produced 288 hp. This engine was paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

In 2009, GM added a 2.4L four-cylinder engine as an option for better fuel economy. For the 2013 model year, GM updated the Acadia with a new 3.6L V6 engine that produced 301 hp. The second generation of the GMC Acadia started production in 2016 and is still in production today.

It is powered by an updated 3.6L V6 engine that produces 310 hp (an increase of 9 hp over the previous generation). This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission (replacing the six-speed automatic from previous generations). A diesel engine option will be added for the 2019 model year – it will be a 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that produces 137 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque (this information has not yet been released by GM).


If you’re in the market for a GMC Acadia, you might want to avoid the older model years. According to Consumer Reports, the 2007-2009 models are rife with problems, ranging from transmission issues to brake failures. Even the newer 2010-2011 models have had their share of problems, though not as many as the earlier ones.

So if you’re looking at an Acadia, it’s best to go with a model from 2012 or later.


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