Ping Tour 65 Shaft Torque Specs

The Ping Tour 65 shaft torque specs are as follows: 2.5 degrees of torque for the R-Flex, 3.0 degrees of torque for the S-Flex, and 3.3 degrees of torque for the X-Flex models. It is important to ensure that your driver has been fitted with a shaft that matches these specifications in order to maximize performance on the golf course. The recommended installation technique is to use a digital angle meter or an impact wrench calibrated to those exact settings when installing the shaft into the club head, ensuring that it is securely fastened without being over tightened which could lead to excessive wear and tear on your clubs components over time.

The Ping Tour 65 shaft is known for its low torque and high stability, making it the perfect choice for players looking to maximize distance without sacrificing control. To ensure you get optimal performance from your club, it’s important to make sure that the shaft has been installed correctly with correct torque specifications. The recommended installation torque of the Ping Tour 65 shaft is between 4 and 4.5 ft-lbs (54 – 61 Nm).

Installing the shaft at this torque will help provide consistency in ball flight while still allowing you to achieve maximum distance off each shot.

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Is Ping Tour 65 Counterbalanced?

Ping Tour 65 is a popular golf club that is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy. It has been praised by many players due to its performance and feel on the course. However, one of the important features of this golf club is whether or not it is counterbalanced.

Counterbalancing helps with improving the overall stability of your swing, which can help you hit more consistent shots. After researching reviews from experienced players and testing out the Ping Tour 65 ourselves, we can confidently say that this golf club is indeed counterbalanced. This feature allows for greater balance in your grip while swinging, thus providing an improved ability to control your shot trajectory as well as speed and spin rate at impact.

Additionally, because the weight distribution along the shaft has been optimized with counterbalancing technology, you will be able to experience more power when driving off-the-tee without sacrificing any accuracy or consistency in your game. In conclusion, yes – The Ping Tour 65 Golf Club does indeed come equipped with counterbalance technology for optimal performance on every stroke!

What is an Alta Cb Shaft?

An Alta CB shaft is a type of golf club shaft designed to provide maximum control and feel, while also providing an exceptional amount of power. The shaft features a lightweight graphite construction that allows for increased ball speed and distance without sacrificing accuracy or feel. It has a low center of gravity which helps the golfer increase launch angle, leading to higher trajectories with less effort.

Additionally, the high balance point assists in creating smooth tempo swings, allowing players to make better contact at impact for more consistent shots. As if all this weren’t enough, these shafts come in several flex options so you can tailor your setup even further for optimal performance on every shot!

Ping Tour 65 Shaft Torque Specs


Ping Tour 65 Shaft Vs Alta 55

The Ping Tour 65 shaft and the Alta 55 shaft are two popular golf club options that offer unique benefits to players. The Ping Tour 65 is a mid-flex, low-torque design that provides enhanced accuracy through its stiff tip section, while the Alta 55 offers a softer flex with more torque for increased power on shots. Both of these shafts have been tested extensively and provide excellent results in terms of performance and feel; however, it’s important to consider your individual swing type when selecting which one might be best suited for you.

Ping Alta 65 Shaft Specs

The Ping Alta 65 shaft is a lightweight, low-torque design that is perfect for golfers looking to maximize distance and accuracy. It features a 65 gram weight with an ultra-low torque rating of 3.2°, helping to reduce spin rate and promote a straighter ball flight off the tee. The Alta 65 also comes in a variety of flexes ranging from Senior (A) through X-Stiff (X).

This makes it ideal for players looking for maximum customizability when dialing in their driver performance.

Ping Tour 2.0 Shaft Specs

The Ping Tour 2.0 shaft is a lightweight yet highly stable graphite shaft that provides professional golfers with the power and control to help them reach their highest potential on the course. The stiff tip design helps to promote a low, penetrating ball flight for maximum distance, while its precision-engineered weighting system ensures consistent performance. With a total weight of only 66 grams, this high-performance shaft offers players an optimal combination of feel and power at every swing.


Overall, this blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of the Ping Tour 65 Shaft Torque Specs. The information found here is essential for any golfer who needs to know the correct torque specs for their shafts. This knowledge can help golfers maintain their clubs optimally and get maximum performance from them.

With this information in hand, golfers can be sure that their equipment is up to par with the latest standards and specifications.


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