Ram 1500 33s No Lift

Ram 1500 33S No Lift

Assuming you are asking whether it is possible to fit 33-inch tires on a Ram 1500 truck without a lift, the answer is yes, it is possible. 

However, it may cause some rubbing issues, particularly when turning or going over bumps. 

It is recommended to use a wheel with a smaller offset or a wheel spacer to increase the clearance between the tire and the body. 

Additionally, trimming the fender liner or adjusting the steering stops may also be necessary. 

It’s important to note that fitting larger tires without a lift may affect the handling and stability of the vehicle, and it may void the warranty, 

So it’s best to consult with a professional before making any modifications.

33×12.50R22 On 2021 Ram Limited 1500 / Factory Air Ride No Lift or Level

Necessary Modifications for Fitting 33s on a Ram 1500 without a Lift

You might be wondering how to fit 33-inch tires on your Ram 1500 without a lift. Well, my friend, there are a few essential modifications that you’ll need to make. Let’s walk through them together:

Fender Trimming

To make room for the bigger tires, you’ll likely need to trim your fenders a bit. This removes any excess material that could interfere with your new tire setup. Just be cautious while doing this, as you don’t want to cut too much or damage your truck’s body.

Wheel Spacers

Adding wheel spacers is another important step. These handy devices increase the distance between the wheel and the hub, effectively pushing the wheel out a little further. This creates more clearance for your tires and helps prevent rubbing against suspension components.

Wheel Offset and Backspacing

When you’re fitting 33s on a Ram 1500, it’s crucial to consider wheel offset and backspacing. These measurements affect how your wheels and tires sit in relation to your truck’s body. By selecting the appropriate offset and backspacing, you’ll ensure that your new tires fit properly and avoid potential issues.

Potential Suspension Upgrades

Although it’s possible to fit 33s without a lift, you may still need to make some minor suspension modifications to maximize performance and comfort. Upgraded shocks, struts, or control arms can help optimize your truck’s ride quality and handling with larger tires.

So, there you have it! By making these modifications, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of running 33-inch tires on your Ram 1500 without a lift. Just remember to be patient, do your research, and consult a professional if needed. The result will be well worth the effort.

Pros and Cons of Running 33s without a Lift on Your Ram 1500

Now that we’ve covered the necessary modifications, let’s discuss the pros and cons of running 33s without a lift on your Ram 1500.

Improved Off-Road Capabilities

One of the most significant advantages of fitting 33s on your Ram 1500 is the improved off-road capabilities. With larger tires, you’ll enjoy better ground clearance, increased traction, and better performance on rough terrains.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Another obvious benefit of running 33s on your Ram 1500 without a lift is the enhanced aesthetics. The larger tires create a more aggressive and commanding look that can make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Impact on Fuel Efficiency

It’s important to consider that larger tires will impact fuel efficiency. With 33s, you’ll likely see a slight decrease in gas mileage due to the increased rolling resistance and weight.

Potential Wear and Tear on Suspension Components

Running 33s without a lift can also lead to potential wear and tear on suspension components. The added stress on your shocks, struts, and control arms can cause them to wear out faster than they would with stock tires.

Note: running 33s on your Ram 1500 without a lift can provide numerous benefits, but it’s essential to consider the potential downsides as well. By understanding both the advantages and disadvantages, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and goals.

Tips for Properly Maintaining Your 33s and Ensuring Optimal Performance

Now that you’ve fitted 33s on your Ram 1500 without a lift, it’s crucial to properly maintain them to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Regularly Checking Tire Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Check your tire pressure regularly and adjust it as needed to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.

Periodic Tire Rotation and Alignment

To ensure even wear and tear on your tires, it’s essential to rotate them regularly. This helps prolong the lifespan of your tires and prevents uneven tread wear. Additionally, getting your tires aligned periodically ensures that your wheels and tires are properly aligned with your truck’s suspension, improving handling and extending tire life.

Monitoring Suspension and Steering Components for Wear

As mentioned earlier, running 33s without a lift can cause additional stress on your truck’s suspension and steering components. It’s crucial to monitor these parts regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as squeaking or clunking noises. If you notice any issues, have them inspected and repaired by a professional.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your 33s perform optimally and last for as long as possible. Proper maintenance is key to enjoying the many benefits of running larger tires on your Ram 1500 without a lift.

Ram 1500 33S No Lift

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Can You Fit 33S on Stock Ram 1500?

The simple answer is yes, you can fit 33-inch tires on a stock Ram 1500. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making the switch. First and foremost,33-inch tires will impact your gas mileage.

The larger the tire, the more rolling resistance there is, which means your engine has to work harder to move the vehicle forward. This ultimately leads to lower fuel efficiency. Secondly,33-inch tires may also put a strain on other components of your truck like the suspension and drivetrain.

While most trucks can handle the extra weight and stress of larger tires without issue, it’s something to be aware of nonetheless. If you do plan on running 33s on your Ram 1500, make sure to have it regularly serviced and inspected for any potential issues.

Can You Fit 33’S With No Lift?

If you want to fit 33-inch tires on your truck or SUV without a lift, you need to make sure the vehicle has enough clearance. The amount of clearance varies by make and model, but most trucks and SUVs need at least 4 inches of ground clearance to accommodate 33-inch tires. If your vehicle doesn’t have enough clearance, you can install a suspension lift kit to increase the ground clearance.

Will 33X12 5R20 Fit Stock Ram 1500?

There are a few things to consider when determining if 33×12.5r20 tires will fit your stock Ram 1500. The first is the size of your wheels. If you have the standard 20″ wheel, then these tires should fit just fine. However, if you have upgraded to a larger wheel size, then you may need to do some trimming to make them fit. The second thing to consider is the width of your truck’s bed. These tires are 12.5″ wide, so they may stick out past the edges of your bed if it’s not wide enough.

Finally, you’ll need to make sure that your suspension can handle the extra weight and size of these tires. If everything checks out, then 33×12.5r20 tires should be a perfect fit for your Ram 1500!

Will a 33 Inch of Tires Fit a 2021 Ram 1500?

As of right now, the 2021 Ram 1500s that are being built have a maximum tire size of 33 inches. This is due to the fact that the new Rams have an updated suspension system that can’t accommodate tires any larger than 33 inches. So, if you’re looking to put bigger tires on your new Ram 1500, you’ll need to look into aftermarket options.

There are a few companies that make 35-inch tires specifically for the new Rams, so you should be able to find something that will work for you.

Ram 1500 Build Continues!! Can I fit 33 inch tires on stock suspension?


Fitting 33-inch tires on your Ram 1500 without a lift is a popular and effective way to enhance your truck’s off-road capabilities and visual appeal. By choosing the right tires, making necessary modifications, and properly maintaining your setup, you can enjoy the benefits of larger tires while minimizing any potential downsides.

From improved ground clearance and traction to an aggressive and commanding look, there are many reasons to consider upsizing your tires. However, it’s essential to remember that larger tires can impact fuel efficiency and cause additional wear and tear on suspension components.

With this guide, you now have a better understanding of the necessary modifications, the pros and cons, and the maintenance required to run 33s on your Ram 1500 without a lift. By following these tips, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and goals.

So, whether you’re an off-roading enthusiast seeking to conquer challenging terrains or a truck owner looking to make a visual statement, fitting 33s on your Ram 1500 without a lift can provide a unique balance of form and function.

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