Weight of Dodge Ram 2500

The weight of a Dodge Ram 2500 varies depending on the trim level and configuration. Generally, the base model 4×2 Crew Cab Long Bed has an approximate curb weight of 5,878 lbs., while the 4×4 Crew Cab Short Bed weighs 6,189 lbs.

The most popular Laramie trim level adds about 200 lbs to those figures. For example, the 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie 4×2 Crew Cab Long Bed has a curb weight of 6,097lbs., while its 4×4 counterpart is listed at 6,403 lbs.

Heavy-duty models with higher payloads can add as much as 500 additional pounds to these figures.

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a powerhouse of a truck, boasting an impressive towing capacity and payload. It’s no wonder why this heavy-duty vehicle has become so popular among drivers. Its maximum tow rating reaches up to 19,680 pounds when properly equipped with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and its max payload capacity reaches 4,050 pounds.

With such impressive capabilities, it’s no surprise that the Dodge Ram 2500 weighs in at around 5,450 lbs (2,480 kg).

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What Does a Dodge Ram 2500 Weigh?

The exact weight of a Dodge Ram 2500 will depend on the year, engine size and trim level of the vehicle. Generally speaking, though, most Dodge Ram 2500 models weigh in at around 4,800 pounds (2,177 kg). This is just an approximate figure as some features such as heavy-duty tow packages can increase this number significantly.

Other factors such as bed length and cab type may also affect the overall weight of a particular model. The average base curb weight for half ton models ranges from approximately 4,600 to 5,000 pounds (2,085 – 2265kg), while three quarter ton trucks typically range from 5100 to 6500 pounds (2311 – 2948kg). If you’re planning to purchase or lease a new Dodge Ram 2500 it’s important that you know its exact weight before committing to it so that you can be sure it meets your needs safely and efficiently.

How Much Does a Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Weigh?

The Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi is an incredibly powerful truck, and its weight reflects that. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, it can weigh anywhere from 5,861 to 7,745 pounds when completely empty. This makes sense due to the fact that it has a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine with 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque – allowing it to tow up to 17,540 lbs with ease!

And while this heavy-duty pickup may be substantial in size and weight compared to other trucks in its class, you won’t find a more reliable or capable truck for hauling large loads over long distances. So if you need a workhorse that will get the job done without fail no matter what terrain you encounter along the way – look no further than the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi!

How Much is a Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Truck?

The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty truck is a powerful and reliable workhorse that can handle all kinds of tough jobs. It has a starting price of around $33,000 for the base model, but the cost can jump up to more than $60,000 depending on the features you choose. The Ram 2500 HD comes with two engine options – an impressive 6.4L V8 HEMI® with 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque or a 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel I6 with 370 horsepower and 850 lb-ft of torque – so it’s easy to find one that fits your power needs perfectly.

With available features like 4WD, air suspension system, anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), hill start assist (HSA) and more, you can customize your ride to match your budget as well as your lifestyle requirements. All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable heavy duty truck that will let you get the job done without breaking down along the way then check out what a Ram 2500 HD has to offer!

What is the Pulling Weight of a Dodge Ram 2500?

When it comes to choosing a truck, the pulling power of that truck is an important consideration. When looking at the Dodge Ram 2500, you will find that this model has an impressive towing capacity. The maximum towing weight for this vehicle is 16,320 lbs when equipped with a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and 5-speed automatic transmission.

This means that it can easily handle most recreational trailers or boats without any issue – something which makes it perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or fishing trips. The Ram also offers great maneuverability thanks to its coil spring suspension system and powerful brakes which ensures smooth stops even when hauling heavy loads. So if you’re in the market for a reliable pickup truck with plenty of pulling strength, then consider taking a closer look at the Dodge Ram 2500!

Weight of Dodge Ram 2500

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Dodge Ram 2500 Weight Kg

The Dodge Ram 2500 has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 5,767 kg. This is the maximum amount of weight that the vehicle can safely haul or tow when fully loaded with passengers and cargo. To ensure your fuel efficiency and safe operation, make sure to stay within this limit at all times.

Ram 2500 Curb Weight

The Ram 2500 has a curb weight of 6,100 lbs. and can tow up to 19,680 lbs. when properly equipped with the available 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine.

The truck also offers a range of cab sizes for different carrying needs as well as multiple trim levels that offer added features such as leather seating and heated steering wheels. With its impressive towing capacity and range of features, the Ram 2500 is an ideal choice for those who need a heavy-duty pickup truck that can handle tough jobs while providing plenty of creature comforts.

Ram 1500 Weight

The Ram 1500 is a full-size pick-up truck that has been produced since 1994. The base model weighs in at around 4,895 pounds, while the top of the line crew cab with all available options can weigh up to 5,937 pounds. This makes it one of the heaviest vehicles in its class and is ideal for those who need to haul large loads or tow heavy trailers.


In conclusion, the Dodge Ram 2500 is a great vehicle for those looking for a reliable heavy-duty truck. It offers ample power and performance as well as excellent cargo capacity and towing capability. Plus, with its advanced engine design, it provides excellent fuel efficiency while still delivering plenty of power.

With all these features combined, the Dodge Ram 2500 is sure to make any driver happy.


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