Dodge Ram C Code List

Dodge Ram C Code List. The Dodge Ram is a full-size pickup truck produced by Chrysler Group LLC since 1981, when the first-generation Dodge Ram made its debut as the facelifted version of the Dodge D Series pickup truck, presented in June 1980. The ‘C’ codes were used on 1971 – 1974 B bodies.

They were also used on 1975 – 1980 B bodies with the “LA” 360 small block engine (except Sebring and Diplomat).

Dodge Ram C Code List: The first thing you need to do when looking up your Dodge Ram’s C-Code is to find your truck’s VIN number. This can be found on the driver’s side door jamb, on the dashboard, or on your registration paperwork.

Once you have located your VIN number, look for the 8th digit. This will be your truck’s C-Code. Now that you know where to find your truck’s C-Code, what does it mean?

The C-Code tells you what engine was originally installed in your Dodge Ram. Here is a list of common C-Codes: B – 5.2L Magnum V8

G – 5.9L Magnum V8 H – 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 J – 5.7L Hemi V8

Knowing your truck’s original engine can be helpful when ordering parts or making repairs. It can also help give you an idea of what kind of performance to expect from your Dodge Ram.

Dodge Ram C Code List


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How To Check Chassis Codes on a 2003-2007 Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins Video

Dodge Ram Code List

Dodge Ram Code List Dodge Rams are some of the most popular trucks on the market, and for good reason. They’re powerful, reliable, and stylish.

But like any truck, they’re not perfect. One common issue that owners face is trouble codes. If you’ve ever gotten a check engine light or other error code on your Dodge Ram, you know how frustrating it can be.

Not only do you have to figure out what the code means, but you also have to find a way to fix it. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, fixing a code can be expensive. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of Dodge Ram codes.

It includes all of the most common codes that owners face, as well as their meaning and potential solutions. So whether you’re getting a mysterious error code or just want to be prepared for the future, this list is a great resource.

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Dodge Ram C Code Aa

Dodge Ram C Code Aa: What Does It Mean? If you’ve ever wondered what that little “C” code on your Dodge Ram’s door jamb sticker means, wonder no more! “C” stands for the Rams’ trim level designation.

In other words, it tells you what kind of equipment and features your truck came with from the factory. Here’s a quick rundown of what each trim level includes: ST – The base model.

Comes with cloth seats, manual windows and locks, and few bells and whistles. SLT – A step up from the ST, with upgrades like power windows/locks, remote keyless entry, and upgraded interior materials. Laramie – The top-of-the-line model, loaded with features like leather seats, heated front seats, navigation system, premium audio system, etc.

So there you have it! If you see a “C” on a Dodge Ram door jamb sticker, now you know it stands for the trim level designations.

Dodge Ram 1500 Codes List

There are quite a few codes that can pop up when you’re driving your Dodge Ram 1500. Here’s a list of some of the most common ones and what they mean: P0128 – Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature)

This code usually indicates that there’s an issue with your truck’s cooling system. It could be something as simple as a low coolant level or a more serious problem like a faulty thermostat. Either way, it’s best to get this checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible.

P0456 – EVAP System Small Leak Detected The EVAP system is responsible for trapping fuel vapors from the tank and burning them off. If there’s a small leak in the system, it can cause this code to pop up.

Usually, it’s something as simple as a loose gas cap, but it could also be indicative of a more serious problem. Again, have your truck checked out by a professional if this code comes up. P0300 – Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

This code is pretty self-explanatory – it means that one or more of your cylinders is misfiring. This could be caused by anything from bad spark plugs to low compression in the engine. Get this checked out ASAP, as continuing to drive with a misfiring cylinder can cause serious damage to your engine over time.

Dodge Ram C Code 00 00

When it comes to trucks, the Dodge Ram is a name that is synonymous with power and durability. The Ram 1500 is one of the most popular models in the range, and for good reason – it’s a tough workhorse that can handle just about anything you throw at it. But what if you want a little something extra from your Ram 1500?

That’s where the C Code 00 00 comes in. The C Code 00 00 is an optional performance package that can be added to certain Ram 1500 models. It includes a number of upgrades that are designed to improve both the truck’s performance and its appearance.

Some of the highlights include: – A more powerful engine tune that boosts output by 30 horsepower and 40 lb-ft of torque – A sport-tuned suspension system with stiffer shocks and springs

– 20-inch alloy wheels with wider tires for improved grip – A body kit with a unique grille, front bumper, and rear spoiler If you’re looking for a way to take your Ram 1500 to the next level, then the C Code 00 00 could be exactly what you need.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants their truck to look great and perform even better.


The C-code on a Dodge Ram indicates the engine that was installed at the factory. The list below shows all the codes used by Dodge. C-Code: Engine: HP: Torque: applications: 1VE 5.2 Magnum V8 220 @ 4400 460 @ 3200 1500/2500/3500 2WD & 4WD 1992-1993

The C code on a Dodge Ram can tell you what kind of engine was installed at the factory. Here is a list of all the codes used by Dodge, along with the corresponding engine and its specifications.


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