How to Reset Service Shifter Ram 1500

To reset the service shifter on a Ram 1500, first turn off the engine and make sure that all of the doors are closed. Place the ignition key in position 2 and wait for three seconds before turning it back to OFF. Afterward, press and hold down both accelerator pedals at once until all dashboard lights flash briefly.

Then release both pedals simultaneously; this will reset your service shifter. Finally, start your vehicle again to confirm that the shift has been properly reset.

  • Step 1: Park the vehicle in a safe, level surface and apply the parking brake
  • Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition
  • Step 2: Open up your hood and locate your battery; it is typically found on one side of engine compartment
  • Disconnect both positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of battery with a socket wrench or Phillips head screwdriver
  • Make sure not to touch both terminals together when disconnecting them as this may cause an electrical spark which can damage sensitive electronic components in Ram 1500s computer system control module (PCM)
  • Step 3: Wait for at least 10 minutes before reconnecting the terminals back to their respective positions on battery posts; this will allow any remaining residual energy in PCM’s capacitors to discharge so that reset procedure can be completed successfully without causing damage
  • Reattach terminal using same tool used to loosen them earlier, making sure they are securely fastened onto post tightly enough that they won’t come loose during driving conditions
  • Finally replace cap covers over each terminal if applicable (most models have these installed)
  • Step 4: Reconnect power source to ignition switch by reinserting key into its original position within cylinder lock mechanism located near steering wheel column; turn switch counterclockwise until you feel resistance then push down firmly while turning further clockwise until locked into place again – do not force switch past its natural stopping point as doing so could potentially break internal mechanisms required for proper functioning of unit itself! Once secure, start engine once more allowing all systems restart under normal operating parameters again after reset process has been completed successfully

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How Do You Reset the Gear Limit on a Ram 1500?

Resetting the gear limit on a Ram 1500 is an important step to ensure your vehicle performs at its peak level. To reset the gear limit, first put your truck in Park and turn off the engine. Then open up the hood of your truck and locate the transmission control module.

Disconnect this module from its mounting bracket by releasing two screws with a Phillips head screwdriver or ratchet set. Next, using a flathead screwdriver, remove the access panel from underneath the bumper where you can find two 10mm bolts holding down another access plate for adjusting shift points and other parameters within your transmission’s settings. Once these are removed, you will be able to gain access to resetting gears inside of it’s settings menu.

You can then adjust each of these parameters according to manufacturer specifications provided in your owner’s manual or online resources such as those provided by Ram Trucks themselves so that all settings are optimized for performance driving conditions and better fuel economy when needed. Finally, re-attach both components back onto their respective locations before starting up again – this should help reset any issues related to incorrect gear limits on your Ram 1500!

How Do You Delete Messages on a 2013 Dodge Ram?

Deleting messages on a 2013 Dodge Ram is easy to do and can help you keep your vehicle organized. To delete an individual message, press the Info button on the Uconnect® system’s touch screen display. Select “Messages” from the Options menu and then select “Delete Message.”

You will then be able to view all of your received messages, including those that have already been read or deleted. Use the up/down arrows in order to scroll through each message until you find the one you want to delete and press OK. If there are multiple pages of messages, use the left/right arrows at the bottom of the screen in order to move between them before pressing OK again when you have selected which one(s) you would like to delete.

Once this is done, confirm that it has been deleted by pressing Yes when prompted with a confirmation message on-screen; otherwise, simply select No if not desired.

How Do You Reset the Oil Light on a 2017 Ram 1500?

If you own a 2017 Ram 1500 and are wondering how to reset the oil light, then this blog post is for you. Resetting the oil light on your truck is an easy process that only takes a few minutes of your time. First, start by ensuring that the engine has been turned off for at least five minutes before starting the reset process.

Once it’s been powered down, turn the key in the ignition so that all electronics come on but don’t actually start up the engine. Next, press and hold both accelerator pedals simultaneously until you hear two chimes from inside of your vehicle; this indicates that all systems have been reset successfully. Finally release both accelerator pedals and turn off ignition key to complete the reset process!

Now you should be able to drive your 2017 Ram 1500 without having to worry about any pesky oil lights coming back on anytime soon!

How Do You Turn off the Traction Control Light on a Ram 1500?

Turning off the traction control light on a Ram 1500 is fairly easy, and only requires a few steps. First, turn the key to the “On” position, but don’t start it yet. Secondly, press down and hold both accelerator pedals simultaneously for five seconds until you hear an audible chime sound from inside the vehicle.

Lastly, take your foot off of both accelerator pedals and release them together at the same time. This should turn off your traction control warning light. If this does not work for some reason or if you have any other issues with your vehicle’s traction control system then consulting a certified mechanic may be necessary in order to properly diagnose and repair any potential underlying problems that could be causing the issue in question.

How to Reset Service Shifter Ram 1500


Ram 1500 Won’T Start Service Shifter

If you’re having trouble starting your Ram 1500, it could be due to a faulty service shifter. The service shifter is the part of your truck that allows you to switch between gears and park. If this part becomes damaged or worn out, it can cause difficulty when attempting to start the vehicle.

In some cases, replacing this part may be necessary in order for the engine to start properly again. It’s important to have any issues with the service shifter addressed quickly as they can lead to further damage if not repaired promptly.

Dodge Service Shifter Message

A Dodge Service Shifter Message is an indicator that the vehicle’s transmission has a problem and needs to be serviced. This message typically appears when the vehicle has been driven for a certain amount of time, or after the transmission fluid has been changed. It is important to have this issue addressed immediately, as driving with a malfunctioning transmission can cause further damage and could ultimately lead to costly repairs.

Ram Shifter Recall

Recently, Ram Shifters have been recalled due to an issue with the gear selector. This recall affects certain vehicles from the 2014-2018 model year and is due to a software error which can cause drivers to shift out of park without pushing down on their brakes. Owners of these vehicles should visit their local dealership for repairs in order to protect themselves against potential safety hazards caused by this malfunction.


In conclusion, resetting the service shifter in a Ram 1500 is a fairly simple process and doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge. All it takes is for you to locate the shift lever, press and hold the odometer reset button while turning the key to “On”, then select your desired gear before releasing the button. Following these steps should have your truck running smoothly again in no time.


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