Ram 5Th Wheel Prep Package Install Problems and Solutions

Installing a Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package is a simple process that can be completed in about an hour. The first step is to remove the factory-installed hitch from the truck. Next, install the fifth wheel base rails into the truck frame using the provided hardware.

Then, connect the wiring harness to the truck’s electrical system and route it through the hole in the fifth wheel base rail. Finally, install the fifth wheel plate onto the base rail and secure it with the provided bolts.

If you’re in the market for a new RV, you may be wondering what exactly a “Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package” is. Essentially, it’s a set of features that Ram offers on some of their trucks that makes them more compatible with 5th wheel trailers. This can include things like a stronger frame and hitch, additional wiring, and even airbags.

Installing a Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen truck is properly equipped. Second, you’ll need to follow the instructions included with the package closely.

And finally, it’s always a good idea to have someone else around to help with the installation process – just in case! Once you’ve got your Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package installed, you’ll be ready to hit the open road with your new RV in tow!

5th Gen Ram – 2019 Ram 2500 – 5th Wheel Prep Kit Installation

Can You Add 5Th Wheel Prep Package?

Yes, you can add a 5th Wheel prep package to your vehicle. This will allow you to tow a 5th wheel trailer with your vehicle. The prep package includes a heavy-duty hitch receiver and wiring harness.

It is important to note that not all vehicles are able to accommodate a 5th wheel prep package. You will need to check with your specific vehicle’s manufacturer to see if it is compatible.

What is the Ram 5Th Wheel Prep Package?

The Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package is a factory-installed towing option that allows for the installation of a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. This package includes a stronger rear axle, bigger brakes, and an upgraded cooling system to handle the increased weight and stress of towing a fifth-wheel trailer. The Ram 5th Wheel Prep Package also comes with an integrated brake controller and wiring harness for easy installation of a fifth wheel trailer hitch.

Can You Add Ram Puck System?

Adding Ram to a puck system is possible, but it may not be necessary. If you are experiencing slowdowns or crashes, then adding more memory may help. Check with your computer’s manufacturer or your local computer store to see if they offer compatible memory for your system.

How Do I Install an Oem Puck System?

OEM puck systems are easy to install and can be a great addition to your car. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Open up the hood of your car and remove the negative battery terminal.

2. Find an unused area on your firewall or inner fender well to mount the system’s control unit. Use the supplied double-sided tape or screws and nuts to secure it in place. 3. Run the main power cable from the battery positive terminal along your vehicle’s frame rail to the location of the control unit.

It is important that this cable is protected from abrasion and heat as much as possible. Use plastic wire loom or split tubing if necessary. 4. Connect the main power cable to one of the large terminals on the control unit marked “BAT.”

5. Locate a 12 volt switched power source for activating the system when you want it on – this can be a headlight switch, accessory switch, etc. Run a wire from this source to one of the small terminals on the control unit marked “SWITCH.” 6a) If you have an automatic transmission, connect one end of a short piece of vacuum hose (5/32″ ID) to the nipple on the back of the control unit labeled”AT.

“Run another end of this hoseto any convenient vacuum source on your engine(such as manifold port). This connection will tell the system when you have selected Parker Neutralin order to prevent it from engaging while you are driving! 6b) If you have a manual transmission, find a location under your dash where you can access two wires going into your shift indicator lights (one for each gear).

Splice into these wires using T-taps or solderless connectors so that both wires now go into BOTH original connections AND new connections going into pins 3 & 4 on the J1 terminal block of relay board inside OEM puck system controller (as seen in the photo below). Now whenever ANY gear is selected ON YOUR DASHBOARD GEAR INDICATOR, it will also complete a circuit telling the OEM puck system controller whether or not it is safe to engage the device since the vehicle is NOT in neutral nor park position!

Ram 5Th Wheel Prep Package Install

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Ram Factory 5Th Wheel Prep Package

If you’re in the market for a new Ram truck, you might be wondering what the 5th Wheel Prep Package is all about. Here’s everything you need to know about this optional extra. The 5th Wheel Prep Package is an available option when ordering a new Ram truck.

It adds several features that are designed to make it easier to tow a fifth-wheel trailer. The package includes a reinforced rear bumper and hitch platform, as well as an integrated gooseneck hitch. There’s also an upgraded wiring harness with a seventh-way connector, and the front suspension is upgraded to accommodate the additional weight of a fifth-wheel trailer.

If you’re planning on doing any serious fifth-wheel towing with your new Ram truck, then the 5th Wheel Prep Package is definitely worth considering. It will make towing safer and easier, and give you peace of mind knowing that your truck is up to the task.

2022 Ram 2500 5Th Wheel Prep Package

The Ram 2500 is getting a new 5th Wheel Prep Package for the 2022 model year. This package includes a factory-installed 5th wheel/gooseneck hitch platform and 4- and 7-pin wiring harnesses, making it easier to tow your heavy-duty trailer. The package also includes an upgraded rear axle with stronger axle shafts, heavier-duty suspension, and improved cooling capacity.

If you’re looking to tow your fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer with your Ram 2500, this is the package for you.

Ram Factory Gooseneck Prep Package

The Ram Factory Gooseneck Prep Package is a great way to get your truck ready for towing. It includes everything you need to install a gooseneck hitch, including the necessary wiring and brackets. This package is designed for use with factory-installed fifth-wheel hitches, so it’s easy to install and use.

The gooseneck hitch itself is made from high-strength steel for durability, and it has a powder-coated finish that resists corrosion. The ball mount is also included, so you can tow your trailer right away. This package is a great value and it’s backed by Ram’s famous warranty, so you can be confident in its quality.


In this blog post, the author walks readers through the process of installing a Ram 5th wheel prep package. They provide detailed instructions and photos to help make the process as easy as possible. They also offer some tips on what to do if you run into any problems along the way.

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