2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan owners have experienced several transmission problems. The most common issues include the transmission hesitating or lagging when shifting gears, difficulty engaging into gear when cold, and a check engine light illuminating due to faulty shift solenoids. Other issues include a burning smell coming from under the hood and rough shifting between gears.

To fix these problems, some drivers had their transmissions flushed while others replaced their transmission fluid filter and/or shift solenoid packs. In extreme cases, drivers may need to replace the entire transmission system in order to restore proper operation of their 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

The 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan has been known to have a few transmission problems. Owners of the vehicle have complained of delayed shifts, harsh shifting, and even occasional stalling while driving. This can be an incredibly dangerous issue, as it could cause you to lose control of your vehicle in certain situations.

If you are experiencing any issues with your 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan’s transmission, it is best to seek professional help as soon as possible for repairs or replacements before further damage occurs.

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Is There a Recall on a 2016 Dodge Caravan Transmission?

At this time, there is no recall on a 2016 Dodge Caravan transmission. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not have any open recalls for the 2016 model year of the Dodge Caravan. It’s possible that a future recall may be issued if significant issues arise with the transmission in these vehicles, but as of now, no such problems have been reported to the NHTSA or other government agencies that would warrant an official recall.

However, it’s always best to stay informed and keep up-to-date with any changes or updates related to your vehicle by visiting www.nhtsa.gov/recalls regularly and subscribing to email alerts when new recalls are announced.

Do Dodge Grand Caravans Have Transmission Problems?

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a popular family vehicle, but it has had its share of transmission problems. In some cases, the transmission can fail suddenly and without warning; in other cases, owners have reported difficulty shifting gears or experiencing jerky movements when driving the vehicle. The good news is that these issues are not always caused by mechanical failure—in many instances, they can be resolved simply by replacing the fluid or having software updates applied to the car’s computer systems.

However, if you experience any sort of transmission problem with your Grand Caravan, it’s best to take it into a qualified mechanic as soon as possible for diagnosis and repair. Don’t wait until it becomes more expensive or complicated to fix!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Transmission in a 2016 Dodge Caravan?

Replacing the transmission in a 2016 Dodge Caravan can be an expensive endeavor. Depending on the type of transmission, where you purchase it and whether or not you have it professionally installed, prices can range anywhere from $1,000 to upwards of $3,500. If you need to replace the entire drivetrain — which includes the engine and transmission — then those costs could double or even triple.

It is important to remember that different models may require additional parts for installation as well as labor for removal and replacement; these costs must also be taken into account when budgeting for this repair job. Additionally, some warranties will cover some of these expenses but make sure to read your warranty carefully before pursuing any repairs so that you are aware of what coverage is offered and how much out-of-pocket expense there might be.

What are the Most Common Problems With 2016 Dodge Caravan?

The 2016 Dodge Caravan is a popular model, but it’s not without its faults. The most common issues reported by owners are power windows that don’t work properly, faulty door locks, and transmission problems such as jerking and stalling while driving. Other complaints include brake failure, engine stalls when idling or in gear, clunking noises from the suspension system, electrical malfunctions resulting in dead batteries or headlights that won’t turn off even when the vehicle is shut down.

Additionally, some owners have experienced a malfunction with the air conditioning system where hot air blows out of one side of the vents but cold air from another side. Finally, there have been reports of oil leaks at various points throughout this model year.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems

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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Recall

In 2016, a recall was issued for the Dodge Grand Caravan due to an issue with its transmission that could cause it to suddenly shift into neutral. This caused a loss of power and increased the risk of crash. All affected vehicles were recalled and owners were notified by mail regarding the necessary repairs.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Replacement Cost

Replacing the transmission in a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan can be costly, with an estimated cost of around $2,500 to $3,000. This includes labor costs and parts such as the torque converter and valve body. It’s important to note that this cost may vary depending on where you go for service and if any additional repairs are needed.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems

The 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan has been known to have transmission issues, most commonly transmission shifts that are delayed or harsh. Owners may also experience slipping or jerking sensations when shifting. In some cases, the engine light may come on and the vehicle may hesitate to accelerate.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, it is best to take it into an authorized dealer for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.


In conclusion, it is clear that the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan has had its fair share of transmission problems. Many owners have reported issues with shifting gears, hesitation while driving, and even complete transmission failure. To avoid these costly repairs and headaches down the road, be sure to check your vehicle’s service records for any known issues before purchasing a used Dodge Grand Caravan.

Additionally, if you already own one of these vehicles make sure to take it in for regular maintenance and keep an eye on any potential warning signs or irregularities in performance.


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