Dodge Ram Park Assist Reset

If you own a Dodge Ram and have the park assist feature, you may be wondering how to reset it. The park assist feature is a great way to help you park your Dodge Ram in tight spaces. It uses sensors to help guide you into a parking space.

If you have ever had to parallel park, you know how difficult it can be. The park assist feature takes the guesswork out of parking.

If you have a Dodge Ram with park assist, you may be wondering how to reset it. Here’s how: 1. Start with the engine off and the key out of the ignition.

2. Press and hold the button on the park assist module, located near the center of the dash. 3. While holding the button, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position. Do not start the engine!

4. Continue holding the button for approximately 5 seconds, or until you hear a chime. This will indicate that the system has been reset and is now ready to use again.

Dodge Ram Park Assist Reset


How Do I Reset My Parking Assist?

If your parking assist is not working properly, you may need to reset it. Here’s how: 1. Park your car in a safe location where you have plenty of room to work.

2. Turn off the engine and set the parking brake. 3. Locate the parking assist reset button. This is usually located near the parking assist control panel or in the glove compartment.

4. Press and hold the reset button for approximately five seconds. The parking assist system will emit a series of beeps to indicate that it has been reset.

What Does It Mean When My Car Says Service Park Assist?

If you see the message “Service Park Assist” on your car’s display, it means that the system is not working properly and needs to be serviced. Park assist is a feature that helps drivers park their cars in tight spaces by automatically steering and braking for them. When the system is not working, it can make parking your car more difficult and even dangerous.

If you see this message, take your car to a qualified technician as soon as possible to have it serviced.

What Causes Park Assist to Turn Off?

If your vehicle is equipped with park assist, there are a few reasons why it may turn off. One reason is if you turn the wheel too much while trying to parallel park. The system will automatically turn off if it senses that you are no longer following its guidance.

Another reason is if you shift into reverse too quickly after coming to a stop. Park assist needs a moment to recalibrate when you switch from drive to reverse, so shifting too soon will cause it to turn off. Finally, if you exceed the maximum speed limit for park assist (usually around 8 mph), the system will shut off.

If park assist turns off while you’re still trying to parallel park, don’t worry – you can always restart it by pressing the button on your dash.

How Do You Test a Ram Park Sensor?

Most carmakers offer some type of park assist system, and many of those systems use sensors to help guide drivers into a parking space. The RAM park assist system uses four ultrasonic sensors, mounted in the front and rear bumper fascia, to detect nearby objects. When the system is turned on and an object is detected within a certain range, an audible warning chime will sound and a message will be displayed on the instrument cluster.

If the driver then activates the turn signal, the system will provide steering assistance to help guide the vehicle into the parking space. To test the RAM park assist system: 1. With the engine running, shift into reverse gear and activate the turn signal.

2. The message center should display “PARK ASSIST ON” and an image of a car with arrows indicating which direction to steer. 3. As you back up, keep an eye on the message center for any alerts about obstacles in your path. The system may also provide steering assistance if it detects an obstacle behind you.

Dodge Ram Park Assist System Failure – Sensor Replacement

Dodge Ram Park Assist Module Location

If you’re looking for the park assist module on your Dodge Ram, it’s located in the front of the vehicle on the passenger side. It’s a small black box that is mounted to the frame.

Dodge Ram Park Assist Not Working

If your Dodge Ram’s park assist feature isn’t working properly, there are a few things you can check to try and troubleshoot the problem. First, make sure that the park assist sensors are clean and free of any obstructions. Next, check the fuse for the park assist system to make sure it’s not blown.

Finally, if neither of those solutions solve the problem, you may need to take your vehicle to a dealership or mechanic to have them diagnose and fix the issue.

Dodge Ram Service Parksense Sensors

If you own a Dodge Ram, you may have noticed the Parksense sensors located on the front and rear of your vehicle. These sensors are designed to help you park your vehicle by providing an audible warning when you get too close to an object. While these sensors can be a great help, they can also be a bit finicky at times.

If you’re having trouble with your Parksense sensors, here are a few tips that may help: – Make sure that there is nothing blocking the sensor’s view. The Parksense system relies on ultrasonic waves to detect objects, so if something is blocking the sensor’s view (like snow or dirt), it won’t work properly.

– Clean the sensors regularly. Over time, dirt and debris can build up on the sensors, which can interfere with their performance. A quick wipe-down with a clean cloth should do the trick.

– Check for software updates. Occasionally, there may be updates available for your Parksense system that can improve its performance. You can check for updates by visiting your local Dodge dealer or by logging into your account on dodge .

com .

Ram Parksense Unavailable Service Required

If you’re getting the “Ram Parksense Unavailable Service Required” message on your Uconnect system, it means that the ParkSense Rear Park Assist System is not working. This system uses sensors to detect objects behind your vehicle and alerts you if you’re getting too close. There are a few things that could be causing this message to pop up.

It could be a problem with theParkSense sensors themselves, or there could be an issue with the Uconnect module. In either case, it’s best to take your vehicle to a certified Ram dealer so they can diagnose and fix the problem.


If you’re having trouble with your Dodge Ram’s park assist system, there are a few things you can try to reset it. First, check the sensors to make sure they’re clean and unobstructed. Next, try recalibrating the system by driving in a straight line for at least 20 feet, then making a sharp turn.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always take your Ram to the dealer for service.


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