How to Reset Service Trailer Brake System Ram 1500

1. Start the engine and allow it to idle for a few minutes. 2. Place the vehicle into park with your foot firmly on the brake pedal, then turn off the engine. 3. Locate the fuse box under the hood of your Ram 1500 and open its cover using a screwdriver or wrench depending on how yours is attached.

4. Find and remove all fuses associated with trailer brakes by pressing down gently on them until they pop out of their slots in the fuse panel box. 5. Turn off all electrical components related to trailer brakes, such as lights, breakaway switch, etc., if applicable to your model truck; otherwise skip this step if not applicable . 6 Connect a jumper cable between each terminal post located at each wheel hub of your trailer wheels (or axle) in order to reset service brake system .

Make sure that both terminals are tight before moving onto next step . 7 Reconnect each fuse back into its corresponding slot in fuse panel , making sure that you have securely returned each one into place so there is no possibility for any electric current interruption later when running again . 8 Now start up car again , ensuring that no malfunction has been detected from having disconnected/ reconnected wires earlier .

  • Park the truck and turn off the engine
  • Apply the parking brake and chock both of the rear wheels to prevent rolling while working on the brakes
  • Open up all four wheel drums or calipers, depending on what type of system you have installed in your truck, by loosening their respective lug nuts with a tire iron and then prying off each drum or caliper with a flat-head screwdriver
  • Take out any old brake shoes from inside each wheel hub that may be left over from previous installations, as well as any springs and clips used to keep them in place inside each drum or caliper housing unit
  • Inspect all four wheel hubs for damage, rusting or corrosion before replacing them with new components such as rotors/drums, bearings/hubs etc
  • , if necessary
  • 6 Reinstall new brake shoes onto each of their respective drums/calipers once they’ve been cleaned out properly according to instructions provided in your owner’s manual
  • 7 Tighten down all four lug nuts back into place once everything is secured firmly against one another
  • 8 Pump up pressure within the entire braking system using either a hand pump connected directly to its own separate valve located near where it was originally disconnected (for disc brakes) OR bleed out air bubbles through an automated machine specifically designed for this purpose (for drum brakes)
  • This should help restore normal stopping power throughout your Ram 1500’s Service Trailer Brake System

Service trailer brake system fix part1

Why Does My Truck Keep Saying Service Brake System?

If you’ve recently noticed your truck’s dashboard displaying the message “Service Brake System,” it is likely that there is an issue with one or more components related to your vehicle’s brake system. This could be caused by a variety of factors, from something as simple as low fluid levels in your brake reservoir to more serious issues such as electrical wiring problems or faulty parts. If the warning light appears often and persists even after taking corrective action, then it may be time to have a professional technician inspect your brakes for any underlying mechanical issues.

When inspecting the system, they will look at each component individually and determine whether additional repairs are necessary or if all that is needed is a routine service like replacing pads and rotors. The earlier you can identify what exactly needs repair on the braking system, the better off you’ll be – so don’t ignore this warning sign!

Why is My Truck Saying Trailer Brake Not Connected?

If your truck is displaying a message that says “trailer brake not connected”, it could indicate several different issues. First, you need to check the connection between the trailer plug and your vehicle’s wiring system. Make sure all of the plugs are properly inserted into their designated ports and that none of them have come loose or disconnected.

If everything appears to be in order here, then you may want to inspect your trailer brakes for any damage or malfunctioning parts. This could include broken wires, worn-out pads/shoes, jammed calipers and more. Additionally, if there is an issue with the electrical circuitry in either your vehicle or trailer brakes, this can also result in this error message being displayed.

Finally, if none of these other steps solve the problem then it may be necessary to contact a professional mechanic who can help diagnose what exactly might be causing your “trailer brake not connected” warning light to appear on your dashboard display screen.

Why Does My Truck Say Check Trailer Brake Wiring?

If your truck is displaying a warning about the trailer brake wiring, it is important for you to take immediate action. The reason why this warning has been activated could be due to several reasons. Firstly, the electric brakes on trailers are controlled by a specialized wiring system that must be in working order for them to function properly.

This means that if any of the connections or wires within this system become loose or damaged, they could potentially cause an interruption in communication between the controller and the brakes themselves. Secondly, it’s possible that there is an issue with one of the components such as a corroded connector or broken wire which can also lead to malfunctions and potential safety hazards. Lastly, it may simply be time for regular maintenance and inspection of all wiring components so as to ensure everything is operating correctly and safely.

It’s best not to ignore these warnings as poor trailer brake performance can result in serious accidents while driving on public roads; therefore, make sure you check out your trailer brake wiring right away!

What is the Trailer Brake Status Indicator Light?

The trailer brake status indicator light is a safety feature designed to alert the driver when there are problems with the brakes on their trailer. This light will illuminate if there is an issue with either the brakes or electric system, such as a broken cable or wiring problem, and it can also indicate low fluid levels in the braking systems. It’s important for drivers to pay attention to this light because it could be indicative of a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

If you see your trailer brake status indicator light illuminated, you should immediately check your brakes and electric system for any issues. If necessary, seek professional help from a certified mechanic who can diagnose and repair any potential problems before they become more serious.

How to Reset Service Trailer Brake System Ram 1500


Why Does My Truck Keep Saying Service Trailer Brake System

If your truck is displaying a message that says “Service Trailer Brake System,” it likely means there is an issue with the trailer brakes, or their connection to the truck. It could be anything from faulty wiring to low brake fluid levels. It’s important to have this problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible, since not having functioning trailer brakes can lead to dangerous driving conditions and potential accidents.

How to Turn off Trailer Brake System Chevy Silverado

To turn off a trailer brake system on a Chevy Silverado, press the “Tow/Haul” button located on the gearshift lever. This will disable the brakes and allow you to safely tow your trailer without having to use manual brakes. It is important to remember that when using this feature, it should be turned off as soon as possible after unloading the trailer so that your vehicle’s normal braking system can take over again.

How Do You Reset a Trailer Brake Controller

To reset a trailer brake controller, first make sure to disconnect the battery for safety. Then press and hold the manual override button on the back of the unit until it resets itself. After that, reconnect the battery and check all connections to be sure they are secure before operating your vehicle and trailer again.


In conclusion, resetting the service trailer brake system on a Ram 1500 is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to do is locate the fuse box and disconnect the trailer brakes from the battery, then press and hold the trailer brake control switch for 10 seconds or more until it lights up. After that, reconnect the trailer brakes to your battery and your system should be reset.

With this guide, you can now confidently take on any kind of task involving your Ram 1500’s service trailer brake system.


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