Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6 Speed Vs 8 Speed Transmission Comparison

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi stands out as a top contender in its class. With a powerful engine designed to handle even the most demanding tasks, this robust vehicle has captured the hearts of truck enthusiasts across the nation. 

One critical aspect of the Ram 2500’s performance lies in its transmission system, which plays a pivotal role in efficiency, power, and overall driving experience.

In this in-depth analysis, we’ll explore the key differences between the 6-speed and 8-speed transmissions in the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi. We’ll examine their design, performance, maintenance, and reliability, along with real-world experiences and expert opinions. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and insights needed to make an informed decision and select the perfect transmission for your Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi.

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6 Speed Vs 8 Speed Comprehensive Comparison

The 6-speed Ram 2500 offers a proven track record of reliability and lower upfront costs, while the 8-speed version provides improved fuel efficiency and quicker acceleration. Both transmissions offer high towing capacity, but the 8-speed might have slightly higher maintenance requirements due to its newer technology. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your priorities and preferences.

FeatureRam 2500 6.4 Hemi 6-SpeedRam 2500 6.4 Hemi 8-Speed
Transmission Type6-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic
Fuel EfficiencyModerateImproved
AccelerationSmooth, consistentQuicker, more responsive
Towing CapacityHighHigh
MaintenanceLower maintenance requirementsSlightly higher maintenance requirements
ReliabilityProven track recordNewer technology, but designed for durability
Fuel Economy (City)Approximately 13-15 MPG (estimated)Approximately 14-17 MPG (estimated)
Fuel Economy (Highway)Approximately 19-21 MPG (estimated)Approximately 21-23 MPG (estimated)
Upfront CostLowerHigher
AvailabilityLimited in newer models, more common in older modelsMore prevalent in newer models

Test! Does The Ram 2500 64 Hemi 8-Speed Best The 6-Speed

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6-Speed:

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6-Speed

As a truck enthusiast, I can’t help but appreciate the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi with its 6-speed transmission. This tried and true workhorse has been a reliable choice for drivers who value durability and performance. Let’s dive into the key features and aspects of this transmission option.

Design and Functionality: Built for Strength

The 6-speed transmission in the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi is designed with strength and durability in mind. It’s built to handle heavy loads and demanding tasks, making it the perfect companion for towing and hauling. The straightforward design features six gears, which allows for a relatively simple, yet effective transmission system.

Performance: Balancing Power and Efficiency

  • Fuel Efficiency: While the 6-speed transmission might not be as fuel-efficient as the newer 8-speed variant, it still delivers respectable mileage. Considering the sheer power and capability of the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi, the 6-speed transmission holds its own in terms of efficiency.
  • Acceleration: Although the 6-speed transmission may not offer the quickest acceleration, it provides a smooth and consistent driving experience. Drivers who value a stable and reliable ride will appreciate the 6-speed transmission’s performance in this regard.
  • Towing Capacity: The 6-speed transmission is no slouch when it comes to towing. Paired with the 6.4 Hemi engine, this transmission option provides ample power to tow heavy loads with ease.

Maintenance and Reliability: Dependability You Can Count On

One of the primary advantages of the 6-speed transmission is its proven track record for reliability. With fewer moving parts than its 8-speed counterpart, the 6-speed transmission often requires less maintenance and is less prone to potential issues down the line. 

For those who prioritize dependability and ease of maintenance, the 6-speed transmission is an appealing choice.

Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Rating:

The Miles Per Gallon (MPG) rating for the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi with a 6-speed transmission offers moderate fuel efficiency for a heavy-duty truck. The estimated fuel economy for this configuration is around 13-15 MPG for city driving and 19-21 MPG for highway driving.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Pros: The 6-speed transmission offers reliable performance, lower maintenance requirements, and solid towing capabilities. Drivers who value a straightforward, proven system will appreciate this option.
  • Cons: When compared to the 8-speed transmission, the 6-speed might lack some fuel efficiency and acceleration capabilities. Additionally, as technology advances, the 6-speed may become less available in new Ram 2500 models.

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 8-Speed

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 8-Speed

For those seeking a more modern and advanced option, the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi with an 8-speed transmission is an excellent choice. This powerhouse offers a refined driving experience and enhanced performance capabilities, making it an attractive choice for today’s truck enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at what the 8-speed transmission has to offer.

Design and Functionality: Advanced Engineering for Smooth Performance

The 8-speed transmission in the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi is a marvel of modern engineering. Designed to provide smooth gear shifting and optimized performance, this advanced transmission system allows drivers to experience the full potential of their trucks. 

With eight gears, the transmission can more efficiently manage the engine’s power, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and a more responsive driving experience.

Performance: Boosting Efficiency and Acceleration

  • Fuel Efficiency: One of the key advantages of the 8-speed transmission is its improved fuel efficiency. By optimizing the engine’s power delivery across a broader range of gears, the 8-speed transmission can help drivers save on fuel costs without sacrificing performance.
  • Acceleration: With the 8-speed transmission, drivers can expect quicker acceleration and more responsive handling. The additional gears allow the engine to remain in its optimal power band, which translates to a more agile and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Towing Capacity: The 8-speed transmission is also well-equipped for towing duties. Thanks to its efficient power management and smooth gear shifting, drivers can confidently tow heavy loads while maintaining control and stability.

Maintenance and Reliability: A New Generation of Durability

While the 8-speed transmission may be more complex than its 6-speed counterpart, it has been designed with durability and reliability in mind. As a newer technology, it benefits from the latest advancements in engineering and materials, 

Which helps to ensure its long-lasting performance. Regular maintenance and proper care will help keep the 8-speed transmission operating smoothly for years to come.

Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Rating

The Miles Per Gallon (MPG) rating for the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi with 8-speed transmission is slightly better compared to its 6-speed counterpart due to the more advanced transmission system. The estimated fuel economy for this configuration is around 14-17 MPG for city driving and 21-23 MPG for highway driving.

Pros and Cons: Advantages and Drawbacks to Consider

  • Pros: The 8-speed transmission offers improved fuel efficiency, quicker acceleration, and smooth towing capabilities. Its modern design and advanced engineering makes it a highly attractive option for drivers seeking cutting-edge performance.
  • Cons: The complexity of the 8-speed transmission may result in higher maintenance costs compared to the 6-speed variant. Additionally, the higher upfront cost of the 8-speed may be a consideration for some buyers.

6.4 Hemi Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the 6.4L HEMI V8 engine can vary based on factors such as maintenance, driving habits, and environmental conditions. However, if properly maintained and serviced, this engine can be expected to last for 200,000 miles or more. 

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including regular oil changes, filter replacements, and necessary inspections to ensure the longevity of the engine. Keep in mind that every engine is different, and individual experiences may vary.

Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6 Speed Vs 8 Speed


When Did Ram 2500 Get 8-Speed?

The Ram 2500 pickup truck received an 8-speed transmission when the fifth-generation models were introduced in 2019. The 8-speed automatic transmission was designed to provide improved fuel efficiency and smoother shifting compared to the previous 6-speed version.

How does the fuel efficiency of the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi 6-speed compare to the 8-speed?

The 8-speed transmission offers improved fuel efficiency over the 6-speed due to optimized power management and smoother gear shifting.

Will maintenance costs be higher for the 8-speed transmission compared to the 6-speed?

The 8-speed transmission has a higher towing capacity than the 6-speed transmission.

Is the towing capacity of the Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi affected by the choice of transmission?

Both the 6-speed and 8-speed transmissions provide solid towing capabilities, but the 8-speed may offer a smoother towing experience due to its efficient power management.

Will the 6-speed transmission still be available in future Ram 2500 models?

As technology advances, the 6-speed transmission may become less available in new models, with the 8-speed becoming more common.


Choosing the right transmission for your Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi is a critical decision that impacts the overall performance, efficiency, and driving experience of your truck. In this comparison, we’ve explored the key differences between the 6-speed and 8-speed transmissions, discussing their respective design, performance, maintenance, and reliability aspects.

The 6-speed transmission is a tried and true workhorse with a proven track record, offering reliable performance and lower maintenance requirements. It’s an excellent option for drivers who value a straightforward and durable transmission system.

On the other hand, the 8-speed transmission is a modern powerhouse that delivers improved fuel efficiency, quicker acceleration, and a smoother towing experience. This advanced option is ideal for those seeking cutting-edge performance and the latest advancements in transmission technology.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. By considering the information presented in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision and select the perfect transmission for your Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi. 

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to stay informed about the latest trends and developments to ensure you make the most out of your heavy-duty truck experience.


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