5.7 Hemi Cam And Lifter Replacement

If your 5.7 Hemi is in need of a new cam and lifters, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind during the replacement process. First, it’s important to choose a quality cam and lifter kit that’s designed specifically for your engine. There are many different kits on the market, so it’s important to do your research and select one that will work best for your needs.

Once you’ve selected a kit, the next step is to properly install it. This process can be tricky, so it’s always best to consult with a professional mechanic or engine builder before attempting the installation yourself. With proper care and installation, your new cam and lifters should provide years of trouble-free performance.

If your car is equipped with a 5.7 Hemi engine, you may eventually need to replace the camshaft and lifters. This is not a difficult task, but it is important to do it correctly to avoid damaging the engine. To start, you will need to remove the old camshaft and lifters.

This can be done by unbolting the camshaft from the engine block and then removing the lifters from their sockets in the cylinder heads. Be sure to keep track of which lifter goes in which socket so you can install the new ones in the same position. Next, install the new camshaft and lifters.

To do this, simply reverse the process you used to remove them. Once everything is back in place, torque all of the bolts to specifications and double check that everything is snug before starting up your engine again. If all goes well, you should now have a fully functioning 5.7 Hemi engine!

5.7 HEMI Camshaft and lifter replacement (part 1)

5.7 Hemi Lifter Replacement Without Removing Head

If your 5.7 Hemi is making noise, it may be time to replace the lifters. This is a job that can be done without removing the head, but it is important to follow the directions carefully. To start, you will need to remove the valve covers and spark plugs.

Next, rotate the engine until the No. 1 cylinder is at top dead center. This will ensure that all of the valves are closed when you begin working on them. Once the engine is in position, use a small pry bar to press down on the rocker arms for each cylinder.

This will release any tension that may be on the pushrods. With the rocker arms loose, you can now remove the pushrods one at a time. Now it’s time to install the new lifters.

Start by inserting them into their place in the block and then use your pry bar to press down on each one until it clicks into place. Once all of the lifters are in, you can reinstall the pushrods and then put everything else back together again..

2011 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Cam And Lifter Replacement

If your 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi engine is making an abnormal noise, it may be time to replace the cam and lifters. Although this is a fairly straightforward process, it’s important to have a basic understanding of engines before attempting this repair. The camshaft is responsible for opening and closing the valves in the engine.

The lifters sit on top of the valves and are what actually push against the valve to open it. Over time, these parts can wear down and cause damage to the engine. To replace the cam and lifters, you’ll need to remove the cylinder heads from the engine block.

This will give you access to the timing chain or belt, which needs to be removed in order to take off the old camshaft. Once the old parts are out, you can install the new ones and put everything back together again. Although it’s not a difficult repair, replacing a cam and lifters does require some knowledge of engines.

If you’re unsure about anything, it’s always best to consult with a professional mechanic before attempting this repair yourself.

5.7 Hemi Cam And Lifter Replacement Time

If you have a 5.7 Hemi and are in need of a cam and lifter replacement, the process isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With the right tools and some patience, you can have your engine running like new in no time. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the intake manifold.

This will give you access to the valve train so that you can replace the parts that need to be replaced. Once the intake manifold is off, take a look at the rocker arms and pushrods to see if they show any signs of wear or damage. If everything looks good, move on to removing the old camshaft.

To remove the camshaft, you’ll first need to remove the timing chain cover. Be careful not to damage any gaskets when doing this. Once the cover is off, there are two bolts holding down each end of the camshaft pulley.

Remove these bolts and then carefully pull out the old camshaft being careful not to drop it or damage any of the lobes. Now it’s time to install the new camshaft. First, make sure that all of The lifters are in their correct positions in The cylinder heads before installing The new camshaft.

. After The lifters are correctly positioned, lubricate The underside Of The new Cam with assembly lube And carefully lower It into place making sure That none Of The lobes Are damaged In The process..

Install The retaining plate And torque It To specifications.. Finally, reinstall The timing chain Cover being careful Not To over-tighten Any Of The bolts.

. Reassembly Is now pretty straightforward: simply reverse all Of The steps You took during disassembly.. Start by putting back OnThe intake manifold followed ByThe rocker Arms And pushrods (if necessary).. Then install all OfYour external Engine accessories such AsThe throttle body And water pump before Putting back On Your vehicle’s front end fascia..

5.7 Hemi Lifter Recall

If you own a 5.7L Hemi engine, beware: there may be a problem with the lifters. Recently, Chrysler issued a recall for nearly 300,000 vehicles equipped with this engine due to a potential issue with the hydraulic lifters. According to the recall notice, “the affected vehicles may experience an abnormal noise from the engine due to incorrect lash adjuster assembly sequences during manufacture.”

This could lead to premature wear on the engine components and eventually cause engine failure. If you think your vehicle may be included in the recall, contact your local dealership or Chrysler customer service for more information. In the meantime, keep an eye on your engine for any unusual noises or performance issues.

5.7 Hemi Cam And Lifter Replacement

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Lifters on a 5.7 Hemi?

The cost of replacing lifters on a 5.7 Hemi can vary depending on the severity of the issue and whether or not you need to replace the entire engine. If you only need to replace the lifters, it will likely cost between $500 and $1000. However, if you need to replace the entire engine, it could cost upwards of $5000.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Cam in a 5.7 Hemi?

Replacing a camshaft in a 5.7 Hemi engine can be a fairly involved process, and the cost will vary depending on who is doing the work and how much they charge. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1000 for the parts and labor to replace a camshaft in a 5.7 Hemi engine.

What Year Did the 5.7 Hemi Have Cam Issues?

The cam issues with the 5.7 Hemi engine were first reported in 2007. These problems can cause the engine to run rough, misfire, and lose power. In some cases, the engine may even stall.

The root cause of these issues is typically a faulty lifter or camshaft.

Should You Replace Camshaft When Replacing Lifters?

When it comes to camshafts and lifters, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, if you’re replacing your lifters, it’s a good idea to also replace your camshaft. This is because the two components wear together and can cause problems if one is replaced and the other isn’t.

Second, when choosing a new camshaft, make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle’s engine. And finally, be sure to have the installation done by a professional mechanic.


If your 5.7 Hemi is in need of a new cam and lifter, there are a few things you should know before beginning the replacement process. First, it is important to understand that the 5.7 Hemi uses a different type of lifter than other engines. The lifters used in the 5.7 Hemi are called “hydraulic roller lifters.”

These types of lifters use oil pressure to push against the valves, instead of using springs like traditional lifters do. This design helps to reduce engine noise and makes for a smoother running engine. When replacing the cam and lifters in your 5.7 Hemi, it is important to use only parts that are designed specifically for this engine.

Using aftermarket or generic parts can cause serious damage to your engine and void your warranty. It is also important to follow all instructions carefully when performing this repair.

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