6.7 Cummins Egt Probe Location : Ultimate Guide

The best location to install the EGT probe on a 6.7 Cummins engine is in the manifold before the turbo. This ensures the most accurate reading of exhaust gas temperature.

Installing the probe in this location allows the driver to monitor engine conditions and optimize fuel economy. Installing an EGT (exhaust gas temperature) probe is crucial for monitoring engine conditions and optimizing fuel efficiency in a 6. 7 Cummins engine.

It acts as a warning system, alerting the driver to potential engine damage. Moreover, it provides valuable information for improving fuel economy. However, finding the right location for the EGT probe can be a challenge. To achieve the most accurate readings, the probe should be installed in the manifold before the turbo. This placement ensures that the temperature is measured at the most critical point in the exhaust system. We will explore why the pre-turbo location is the best for installing an EGT probe on a 6. 7 Cummins engine.

Introduction To Egt Probes

Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) probes are essential instruments for monitoring the temperature of the exhaust gas in turbo-diesel-powered vehicles. They serve as a crucial tool in preventing engine damage and optimizing fuel economy. By providing real-time temperature readings, EGT probes can warn drivers of potential engine-threatening situations. Additionally, they offer valuable insights for improving fuel efficiency.

When it comes to EGT probe location, tapping into the manifold is considered the most accurate placement. This location ensures the probe captures the exhaust gas temperature directly, providing precise readings. However, installing the probe in the block-off plate is also a common option. It is worth noting that the stock manifold and truck configuration can determine the best spot for the probe, and it may vary between Cummins models.

In conclusion, EGT probes play a crucial role in protecting the engine and optimizing fuel efficiency in turbo-diesel-powered vehicles. Proper placement, particularly in the manifold, ensures accurate temperature readings for effective monitoring and control.

Egt Probe Location Options

When it comes to EGT probe location options, there are both factory and aftermarket choices available. Factory EGT probe locations are typically found in the exhaust manifold or downstream near the turbocharger. Aftermarket probe locations may include the exhaust downpipe or in a custom bung welded into the exhaust system.

Pros and cons of different probe locations include:

Probe Location Pros Cons
Factory Exhaust Manifold Accurate readings, easy installation May be limited to single or a few cylinders
Aftermarket Downpipe Allows for better heat dissipation, more accurate readings May require modification or fabrication
Custom Welded Bung Flexible location options, accurate readings Requires welding and potential exhaust system modifications

Ultimately, the best EGT probe location will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the vehicle owner. It is important to consider factors such as accuracy, ease of installation, and potential modifications when deciding on the optimal probe location.

Choosing The Best Egt Probe Location

Choosing the best EGT probe location for your 6.7 Cummins is crucial to both performance and durability. There are a few factors to consider when determining the optimal location. One important factor is accuracy. Tapping into the manifold is generally considered the most accurate location for the EGT probe, as it provides a direct measurement of the exhaust gas temperature. Another factor to consider is accessibility. Placing the probe in a location that is easily accessible for maintenance and replacement is essential. Additionally, you should consider the impact on the overall performance and durability of the engine. It is recommended to consult with an experienced mechanic or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best EGT probe location specific to your vehicle model. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose the best EGT probe location for your 6.7 Cummins engine, optimizing performance and durability.

Installation Process For Egt Probe

  • Center Punch
  • Drill
  • Tap
  • EGT Probe
  • Wrench

The installation process for the EGT probe is relatively straightforward. Begin by marking the desired location for the probe using a center punch. Once marked, drill a hole at the identified spot. Make sure to clean away any shavings that may be left behind. Next, use a tap to create threads in the manifold. This will allow the probe to be securely screwed in. Apply a small amount of thread sealant on the probe before inserting it into the manifold. Finally, use a wrench to tighten the probe into place. It is essential to ensure that the probe is installed firmly to prevent any leaks or misreadings. Avoid overtightening as it may damage the probe or the manifold. Check for proper functionality after installation and make any necessary adjustments if needed.

One common mistake when installing an EGT probe is not properly cleaning the area after drilling. Any leftover shavings can cause issues with the probe’s functionality and accuracy. Additionally, avoid over-tightening the probe, as it can lead to damage or thread stripping.

Testing And Troubleshooting Egt Probes

When it comes to testing and troubleshooting EGT probes, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Testing an EGT probe is crucial to ensure it is functioning properly. One way to test an EGT probe is by using a multimeter to check the resistance. If the resistance readings are outside the specified range, it may indicate a faulty probe. Signs of a bad EGT probe include erratic temperature readings or no readings at all. Troubleshooting tips for EGT probe issues involve checking for loose connections, damaged wires, or corrosion. It’s important to ensure that the probe is properly installed and located in a position that allows for accurate temperature readings. Tapping into the exhaust manifold is generally considered the best location for the EGT probe.

Frequently Asked Questions For 6.7 Cummins Egt Probe Location

Where Is The Best Place To Put The Egt Probe On A 6.7 Cummins?

The best place to put the EGT probe on a 6. 7 Cummins is in a pre-turbo location on the exhaust manifold for the most accurate reading.

Where Are The Egt Probes Located?

EGT probes are typically located in the exhaust manifold of a vehicle’s engine. This position allows for the most accurate reading of exhaust gas temperatures.

What Is Egt On A Cummins?

The exhaust gas temperature (EGT) pyrometer on a Cummins is a vital gauge for turbo-diesel-powered vehicles. It alerts the driver to potential engine damage and helps optimize fuel economy. It is best installed in the manifold for accurate readings.

How Do I Know If My Egt Probe Is Bad?

To determine if your EGT probe is bad, you can perform a quick check. First, inspect the wiring to ensure it is intact and connected properly. Next, use a multimeter to test the resistance of the probe. If the resistance is significantly different from the specified range, the probe is likely faulty and should be replaced.


To ensure accurate readings, the best location for the EGT probe on a 6. 7 Cummins engine is in the manifold. Tapping into the manifold allows for precise monitoring of exhaust gas temperatures. By installing the probe in this location, drivers can monitor engine conditions and optimize fuel economy.

Remember to follow the proper steps, such as drilling the hole and using a magnet to remove shavings, for a successful installation. With the EGT probe in place, drivers can protect their engines and make informed decisions about their vehicle’s performance.


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