Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Sliding Window Replacement

To replace the rear sliding window on a Dodge Ram 1500, you will need to remove the existing window and frame with a flat screwdriver or pry tool. Once removed, clean any debris from inside the door opening and around the edges of the glass. Then measure for size and order a new rear sliding window that is compatible with your particular make and model of vehicle.

When it arrives install it in place by securing it along all four sides with screws or staples depending on what type of material was used to build your Dodge Ram 1500’s door panel. Finally, apply sealant around all edges where needed before lowering the window into place so that water does not seep into your truck cab.

Replacing a rear sliding window on your Dodge Ram 1500 truck is an easy job that can be completed in no time. Not only will replacing the window help keep out the elements, but it will also add to the aesthetics of your vehicle, giving it a sleek and modern look. You’ll need some basic tools and supplies, such as silicone caulk and weatherstripping, to get started.

With a few simple steps you can have your Dodge Ram 1500 looking like new again!

Ram Truck, Dodge Ram back slider glass replacement by Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona CA

What are the Necessary Tools to Replace a Rear Sliding Window on a Dodge Ram 1500

If you own a Dodge Ram 1500 and are looking to replace the rear sliding window, there are a few necessary tools that will make this job much easier. First off, you’ll need strong but flexible tools such as pliers, wire cutters, small screwdrivers, and a socket wrench set. Additionally, you might want to get some lubricant or silicone spray for easier installation of the new window.

You’ll also need basic items like gloves for protection from sharp edges and splinters of glass. Lastly, it is important to have an extra set of hands around when replacing your rear sliding window on a Dodge Ram 1500 as it can be quite heavy and unwieldy at times – so don’t forget to bring an assistant! With these essential tools in hand (and an extra pair of helping hands), you should have no problem successfully replacing your rear sliding window on your beloved Dodge Ram 1500.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Rear Sliding Window on a Dodge Ram 1500

Replacing a rear sliding window on a Dodge Ram 1500 can be a daunting task. Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete the job. First, you will need to remove the existing window assembly which includes removing screws or bolts that hold it in place as well as disconnecting any wiring harnesses or connectors attached to the unit.

Once removed, you must then carefully measure and cut out an opening for your new window assembly before installing it in place; this step is particularly important if using an aftermarket replacement part rather than an OEM product. After securing the new window in place with screws or bolts, reconnect all wiring harnesses and check for proper operation before completing final adjustments such as adjusting rollers or setting stops if needed. By following these steps closely, replacing a rear sliding window on a Dodge Ram 1500 should take no more than 3 hours at most!

Does Replacing the Rear Sliding Window Require Any Special Vehicle Skills Or Knowledge

Replacing the rear sliding window in a vehicle is not a task that requires any special knowledge or skills. It can be done by anyone with basic automotive knowledge and some tools, such as a screwdriver, socket wrench and pry bar. The first step is to remove the interior trim panel surrounding the window.

This may involve removing screws or clips, depending on your vehicle make and model. Once you have removed this panel, you will need to disconnect the wiring harnesses connected to it before you can access the mounting bolts for the sliding window frame itself. After these are removed, carefully slide out the old glass from its track and insert new one into place while making sure it seats properly in its track before tightening down all of its fasteners once again.

Finally, reconnect all of your electrical connections back together and reattach interior trim piece before testing out whether everything is working correctly!

Is There an Instruction Manual Available for Replacing the Rear Sliding Window on a Dodge Ram 1500

If you’re looking to replace the rear sliding window on your Dodge Ram 1500, there’s no need to worry: a comprehensive instruction manual is available that will guide you through the entire process. The instructions are easy-to-follow and cover everything from taking out the old window to installing the new one. Step-by-step diagrams illustrate each step of the installation along with helpful tips and safety guidelines.

This detailed manual makes replacing your rear sliding window quick and stress free. Additionally, you’ll have access to troubleshooting advice in case something goes wrong or if additional help is needed during any part of the process. With this manual, replacing your rear sliding window doesn’t have to be an intimidating task; instead it can be done quickly and efficiently without difficulty or hassle!

Are Professional Services Recommended for Replacing the Rear Sliding Window on My Dodge Ram 1500

When it comes to replacing the rear sliding window on your Dodge Ram 1500, professional services are highly recommended. This is due to the fact that the process of removing and replacing a car’s back window requires knowledge, skill, and specialized tools for all steps in order to complete the job properly. If done incorrectly or carelessly, there may be major structural damage done to your vehicle which could significantly reduce its resale value or even make it dangerous to drive.

A professional mechanic will ensure that only genuine parts are used for replacement and will also guarantee that everything has been installed correctly for optimal performance. Additionally, they can provide expert advice on what type of glass is best suited for your specific model truck so you don’t have any problems related to weather conditions or other environmental factors down the road.

Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Sliding Window Replacement


Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Window Replacement

Replacing the rear window of a Dodge Ram 1500 is a relatively simple process that can be done in the comfort of your own garage. You will need to purchase a new glass panel, install it into the frame and seal it with weather-proof tape or silicone caulk. Be sure to check for any rust damage before installing the new window, as this could cause further problems down the line.

With careful installation and regular maintenance, you can enjoy clear visibility from your rear window for many years to come!

Dodge Ram Rear Window Replacement Cost

Replacing a Dodge Ram rear window can be expensive, with costs ranging from around $150 to over $400 depending on the model and year of your truck. The cost will also depend on whether you choose an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement part or an aftermarket one. Additionally, installation fees may apply if you decide to have a professional do the job for you.

Dodge Ram Power Sliding Rear Window Parts

The Dodge Ram Power Sliding Rear Window is an optional feature of the popular pickup truck that allows drivers easy access to their cargo area. This convenient feature can be equipped with several parts, including a power slider, switch assembly, frame & glass and latch assembly. With all these components in place, you’ll be able to open and close your rear window quickly with just the press of a button – no more awkward reaching around!


Replacing the rear sliding window in a Dodge Ram 1500 is an easy process that can be completed with just a few tools. With the right parts and knowledge, you can have your truck looking like new again without having to take it to the shop. Taking on this project yourself allows you to save time and money while ensuring you get quality results.

If done correctly, replacing your rear sliding window will restore functionality as well as improve aesthetics of your vehicle.


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