Ford F150 Cab Mount Replacement

A Ford F150 cab mount replacement is a repair job that requires professional assistance from a certified auto mechanic. This involves the removal of the body mount bolts and associated hardware, followed by removing and replacing the old cab mounts with new ones. After this is done, any additional parts such as gaskets or bushings must be replaced to ensure proper installation of the new components.

Finally, all related mounting hardware should be tightened to secure them in place before reassembling everything back together. A good quality torque wrench should also be used when tightening these bolts as improper tightness can lead to damage or failure of the newly installed parts.

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1980-1997 OBS Ford Body Mount Removal. F-150 F-350 f-350

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Cab Mount?

The cost of replacing a cab mount on your vehicle will depend on the type of vehicle you own and the severity of damage. Generally, pricing can range anywhere from $50 to over $500 depending on the make and model. You may also need to replace other related parts such as bearings or bushings, which could add to the total cost.

Professional installation is recommended for any work involving suspension components as incorrect installation can cause bigger problems down the line. If you are unsure about doing it yourself, it’s best to have a professional mechanic do an inspection first before attempting any repairs or replacements.

What are the Symptoms of Bad Cab Mounts?

Bad cab mounts can lead to a variety of issues that can be difficult to diagnose. Common symptoms include excessive vibration or shaking while driving, clunking or knocking noises coming from the engine bay, uneven tire wear, and poor handling on corners. Vibrations will usually become more pronounced as speed increases and you may experience difficulty keeping the vehicle in a straight line at higher speeds.

Clunking noises are often caused by worn rubber bushings which allow for too much movement in the mount system resulting in metal-to-metal contact between components when accelerating or braking abruptly. Uneven tire wear is another common symptom due to misalignment of tires causing them to scrub against surfaces instead of rolling smoothly over them. Poor handling on corners is also an indication of bad cab mounts as they help keep your chassis stiff and stable during cornering maneuvers.

It’s important that these symptoms are addressed immediately as ignoring them can result in increased stress on other components leading to costly repairs down the road.

What Do Cab Mounts Do on a Truck?

Cab mounts are an integral part of a truck’s suspension system, helping to absorb any bumps and vibrations while you drive. They act as the connection point between the cab and the frame, providing support and stability to keep your ride smooth. Cab mounts help reduce road noise levels inside the cabin by absorbing energy from outside sources such as potholes or uneven pavement.

They also help maintain proper alignment of all components so that your brakes, steering, wheels, axles and other parts stay in optimal working condition for longer periods of time. By properly maintaining these parts with regular inspections and replacements when necessary, you can ensure that your truck will provide reliable performance over its lifetime.

How Do You Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings?

Removing Ford body mount bushings is a relatively straightforward process, but it does require some specialized tools. The first step is to raise the vehicle off the ground using jack stands and safety blocks. Once you have access to the underside of the vehicle, locate the rubber body mounts between your frame rails and un-bolt them with a socket wrench or ratchet.

You may need to use impact wrenches if they are particularly stubborn. When all bolts are removed, carefully remove each bushing from its mounting bracket by hand. Use pliers or other prying devices as necessary in order to loosen any rusty or stuck bushings.

Once all of your old bushings are removed, clean up any rust residue on your brackets with a wire brush before inserting new replacement bushings into place and re-attaching them with their original hardware.

Ford F150 Cab Mount Replacement


Ford F150 Body Mounts

Ford F150 body mounts are an integral component of the truck’s suspension system, providing a secure connection between the frame and cab. They absorb shock and vibration while helping to reduce noise on rough roads. Ford offers a variety of body mount kits made from durable materials such as rubber or urethane that are designed to fit specific model years.

Replacing worn or broken body mounts is essential for maintaining optimal ride quality and safety on your Ford F150.

Ford Body Mount Removal Tool

The Ford Body Mount Removal Tool is an essential tool to have when it comes to maintenance and repairs of your vehicle. This specialized tool allows you to safely and easily remove the body mounts on a Ford car or truck, allowing for easier access while working under the hood or under the vehicle itself. It’s a great way to save both time and money when performing any needed repair work on your Ford vehicle!

Obs Ford Cab Mount Bracket

The Obs Ford Cab Mount Bracket is an important part of your truck’s suspension system. This bracket helps to mount the cab on top of the frame and prevents it from flexing during hard turns or rough terrain. The bracket also provides a solid connection between the cab and frame, which reduces squeaks, rattles and vibrations while driving.

In addition, this bracket helps to maintain proper alignment of the cab and keeps it in place under different loads or conditions.


This blog post provided a detailed overview of the Ford F150 cab mount replacement process. From identifying which type of cab mount is needed to sourcing parts, tools, and instructions for how to replace it, this article was an invaluable resource for anyone looking to complete the job on their own. With the information outlined here, owners can now feel confident that they have all the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively replace their Ford F150’s cab mount.


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