How to Reset Oil Life on Ram 1500

To reset the oil life on a Ram 1500, first turn off the engine and open the hood. Locate your vehicle’s dipstick, which is typically near the front of the engine. Remove and wipe it clean with a rag, then reinsert it all the way in.

Pull out again and check to see that your oil level is between “add” and “full” marks. If so, you can continue with resetting your oil life indicator. Turn on your ignition but do not start up your truck yet; press and hold down both accelerator pedals for 5 seconds at once before releasing them simultaneously.

After this step has been successfully completed, switch off your ignition again for 10 seconds before turning it back on (still without starting). Once powered up, keep tapping either accelerator pedal until you see an Oil Life displayed in percentage form; press OK or Enter when prompted to finish resetting this indicator – You should now be done!

  • Step 1: Locate the Reset Button
  • The oil life reset button can be located on the center console of your Ram 1500 truck, near the gear shift lever and just above the power outlets
  • Step 2: Turn On Your Ignition
  • Make sure that your truck is in Park with your ignition turned on before attempting to reset your oil life
  • Step 3: Push and Hold Down Reset Button for 5 Seconds
  • Once you have located the reset button, press down firmly on it for five seconds until you hear a chime sound indicating that it has been successfully reset
  • Step 4: Release Reset Button & Verify Oil Life Is Set To 100%
  • After releasing the reset button, verify that your dashboard display reads ‘100’ for oil life percentage which indicates that it was successfully reset

How to reset oil change required light on a 2018 Dodge Ram

How Do You Reset the Oil Life in a 2013 Ram 1500?

Resetting the oil life in a 2013 Ram 1500 is an important part of regular maintenance that should be done every time you change your vehicle’s motor oil. To reset it, first turn on the ignition switch and then press and hold down the odometer button for about 10 seconds until the words “Oil Life” appear on the dashboard display. Next, press and release the same odometer button to enter into Oil Life Reset Mode.

Once there, use either plus or minus buttons found near odometer reset button to set your remaining oil life percentage from 0-100%. Finally press and hold down both plus and minus buttons simultaneously for two seconds or so until you see “OIL RESET” message on dashboard display confirming that new value has been stored successfully. It is always recommended to consult with factory service manual before performing any maintenance work related tasks as this will ensure proper safety measures are taken while servicing your vehicle.

How Do You Reset the Oil Life on a 2014 Ram 1500?

If you’re looking to reset the oil life on your 2014 Ram 1500, it’s an easy process that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. First, make sure your vehicle is running and the engine is at normal operating temperature. Then turn off the ignition for 10 seconds before restarting your car.

Once restarted, press and hold the Trip/Odometer button until “Reset Oil Life?” appears in the display window. Finally, confirm by pressing and holding again until “Oil Life Reset” appears on the display screen indicating that your oil life has been successfully reset. It’s important to remember that regular oil changes are essential for keeping your vehicle running properly so be sure to check with a certified mechanic if you have any questions or concerns about when you should get an oil change done on your 2014 Ram 1500.

How Do You Reset the Oil Life on a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500?

If you’re looking to reset the oil life on your 2016 Dodge Ram 1500, it is a simple and straightforward process. First off, make sure that your vehicle is parked with the ignition turned off. Once you do that, press and hold down the odometer button (located on the dashboard) while turning your key to the “On” position in your ignition.

You should then be taken to a screen which will provide various options for maintenance such as Tire Rotation or Oil Change; select Oil Change by pressing the odometer button again until it reaches “Oil Life Reset.” Lastly, press and release both of the buttons simultaneously and wait for it to confirm that oil life has been successfully reset! It’s important to note that after doing this procedure once, you must still continue regular oil changes according to manufacturer guidelines — especially if you want your car running at its best over time!

How Do You Reset the Oil Life on a 2015 Ram 1500?

If you own a 2015 Ram 1500, you may have noticed that the oil life indicator on your dashboard has gone off. This is normal and means it’s time to reset the oil life so that it can accurately track how long your oil needs to last. To do this, start by turning on the ignition switch without starting the engine.

Next, press and hold both of the accelerator pedal for at least five seconds. Then release them simultaneously and wait for “Change Oil” message to appear in the instrument cluster display window. After that, press and hold down either of these two buttons: “OK/Reset” or “Trip/Odometer Reset” for five seconds or until you hear a chime sound or see an indication light flash three times in succession – whichever comes first!

Once complete, your vehicle will be ready to go with its freshly reset oil life monitor!

How to Reset Oil Life on Ram 1500


Reset Oil Life Ram 1500 2021

The 2021 Ram 1500 requires an oil change every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. To reset the oil life indicator on your vehicle’s dashboard after an oil change, turn the ignition to “ON” without starting the engine and press and hold down both accelerator pedals for 10 seconds. After that is done, your Oil Life Indicator should be reset and ready to go!

How to Reset Oil Life on Ram 1500 2013

If you need to reset the oil life on your Ram 1500 2013, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, find the RESET button in the instrument cluster located behind the steering wheel. Once found, press and hold this button for about 10 seconds until it displays “100%” indicating that oil life has been successfully reset.

Finally, turn off your engine and restart it again to allow changes to take effect. Following these steps should help ensure that your Ram 1500 2013 runs in optimal condition with regularly changed oil every 3-5 months or every 5,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Ram 1500 Oil Life Monitor

The Ram 1500 is equipped with an oil life monitor that monitors the quality of your engine’s oil and alerts you when it is time for a change. The system runs on a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account things such as mileage, operating temperature, and type of driving to determine when it is time for an oil change. This helps ensure optimal performance from your vehicle while saving you money by avoiding unnecessary services.


In conclusion, resetting the oil life on a Ram 1500 is an easy and straightforward process. All you need is the vehicle’s manual, a screwdriver, your keys and the right amount of oil for your engine. By following these steps carefully, you can ensure that your car will run smoothly with optimal performance and minimal wear-and-tear.

This simple maintenance task should be done regularly to keep your truck running in top condition.


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