Ram 2500 Wheel Torque Specs

The wheel torque specs for a Ram 2500 truck with 17-inch wheels are 130 to 140 foot-pounds of torque. This should be applied in a star pattern, as this distributes the force more evenly across the wheel and prevents uneven wear. It is important to check your owner’s manual for specific torque specifications that pertain to your model year since they may vary slightly from one model or production run to another.

Additionally, it is important not to over tighten the lug nuts when attaching them as this can cause damage both to the wheel and axle components. To ensure proper installation, use an accurate torque wrench when tightening all lug nuts on your Ram 2500 truck’s wheels.

If you’re looking for the right torque specs for your Ram 2500 wheels, then you’ve come to the right place. The recommended wheel nut torque specification is 100 ft-lbs (13.6 kg-m) when mounting steel or aluminum wheels and 110 ft-lbs (14.9 kg-m) when mounting chrome wheels on a Ram 2500 truck. It’s important to properly torque your wheel nuts in order to ensure that they don’t become loose over time, so make sure you follow these guidelines!

Car wheels torque specs for most makes and models

What is the Wheel Torque for a 2017 2500?

The wheel torque for a 2017 2500 is determined by the axle size and type of vehicle. For instance, if you have an 8-lug single rear wheel (SRW) setup, then your wheel torque would be 925 lb./ft.

If you have a dual rear wheel (DRW) setup, then your wheel torque would be 1125 lb./ft. Additionally, on certain models with larger wheels or tires there may be specified higher amounts of torque needed to ensure proper lug nut tightening.

It’s important to make sure that the correct amount of torque is used when installing new wheels because too much or too little can cause problems such as tire separation from the rim or improper seating of the lugs.

What is the Torque Spec for a 2016 Dodge Ram?

The torque specification for a 2016 Dodge Ram is 90 ft-lbs (121 Nm) on all wheel drive models. For two wheel drive models, the torque spec is slightly lower at 88 ft-lbs (119 Nm). It’s important to note that these specifications are only applicable to vehicles with a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission; other engines may require different torque specs.

Additionally, when tightening the lug nuts of your wheels, it’s recommended that you use a crisscross pattern in order to evenly distribute the load over multiple lugs and ensure proper wheel alignment. Following these instructions will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely for many years to come!

What is the Wheel Torque Spec?

The wheel torque spec is the amount of rotational force required to securely fasten a wheel to an axle. This specification is critical, as under-torqueing a wheel can lead to improper alignment and/or excess wear on the mounting components, while over-torqueing can cause damage or even failure in extreme cases. The exact torque values vary significantly depending on size, type, and material of the wheels being mounted; manufacturers often provide individualized instructions for their products with specific torque values.

Additionally, many aftermarket parts may require special installation procedures that include updated or modified specifications. It’s important to ensure you are using the correct information when installing new wheels!

What Size are the Lug Nuts on a Ram 2500?

The lug nuts on a Ram 2500 are usually M14x1.5 and measure 1-3/16” in diameter with a 21mm hex head size. It is important to ensure that the lug nuts on your Ram 2500 are the correct size for your wheels, as incorrect sizes may cause damage or lead to wear over time due to vibrations from driving. Additionally, it is essential that you use torque wrenches when tightening the lug nuts so that they can be tightened securely without being over-tightened which could strip the threads of the studs or even break them off completely.

When replacing your wheel bearings and rotors, make sure to correctly match up the size of both parts so that there will be no issues down the line!

Ram 2500 Wheel Torque Specs

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2019 Ram 2500 Lug Nut Torque

The 2019 Ram 2500 requires a torque of 135 ft-lbs when tightening the lug nuts that secure its wheels. It is important to use the correct amount of torque to ensure the wheel is properly secured and will not come loose while driving. Additionally, by using the proper torque specs you help extend the life of your vehicle’s lug nuts and reduce any wear or tear on them over time.

2022 Ram 2500 Wheel Torque Specs

The 2022 Ram 2500 is equipped with reliable and powerful wheels, offering a maximum torque of up to 930 lb-ft when paired with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. Additionally, these heavy duty wheels are designed for optimal strength and stability under various conditions, making it an ideal choice for off-roading or hauling large loads. With proper maintenance and care, this wheel can last you years while delivering excellent performance on any terrain.

2021 Ram 2500 Wheel Torque Specs

The 2021 Ram 2500 is equipped with a standard 17” wheel that requires an impressive 190 ft-lbs of torque to ensure proper installation. If you’re upgrading your wheels, you’ll need to make sure they comply with the manufacturer’s recommended specifications in order to avoid causing damage or creating safety risks. It’s important to use the correct torque specs for each individual lug nut and fastener when installing new rims on your Ram 2500 – failure to do so could result in loose or damaged parts, as well as potential tire imbalance issues.


In conclusion, the Ram 2500 is an incredible vehicle and it requires a specific wheel torque to ensure that all parts are properly secured. Knowing the correct wheel torque for your Ram 2500 can help you prevent any potential damage or failure of components due to improper installation. Furthermore, following the manufacturer’s recommended specifications will keep you safe on the road and ensure optimal performance from your vehicle.


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