Tesla Curbs Cybertruck Flipping with New Sales Clause

As the eagerly awaited Tesla Cybertruck nears its delivery date on November 30th, Tesla has unveiled a strategic move in its buyer’s agreement to curb vehicle flipping. This initiative marks a significant step in Tesla’s approach to managing its sales and maintaining the integrity of its highly sought-after electric vehicle.

The Challenge of Limited Supply and Flipping

With the anticipation of limited initial quantities, Tesla faces the potential issue of early buyers, known as ‘flippers’, reselling their newly acquired Cybertrucks for profit. This practice could distort the market and disadvantage genuine customers.

Tesla’s Innovative Anti-Flipping Clause

In a bold move, Tesla has embedded a specific clause in its purchase agreement for the Cybertruck. This clause explicitly prohibits buyers from reselling their trucks within one year of purchase. The agreement allows for certain exceptions, but these will be granted at Tesla’s discretion, on a case-by-case basis.

Detailed Buy-Back Terms and Legal Protections

Tesla’s agreement also outlines a buy-back option under specific conditions. If a buyer wishes to sell their Cybertruck within the restricted period, Tesla can opt to repurchase the vehicle at the original price, minus a depreciation fee calculated at 25 cents per mile and other considerations. Violation of this clause empowers Tesla to halt the sale, sue for damages (either $50,000 or potential profit from the sale), and even deny future vehicle sales to the reseller.

Industry Perspective: A Growing Trend

Tesla’s approach is not isolated in the auto industry. Other premium brands like Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and General Motors have also adopted measures against flipping. These range from warranty limitations to mandatory short-term leases. Tesla’s strategy, however, is unique in its direct legal and financial consequences for flippers.


Tesla’s introduction of the anti-flipping clause in the Cybertruck’s purchase agreement is a pioneering move in the automotive industry. It reflects a strategic effort to control the aftermarket and ensure that the Cybertruck reaches genuine buyers. As Tesla continues to innovate not just in vehicle technology but also in market strategy, it sets a new standard in the automotive sales landscape.


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