The battery location for 2008 Dodge Avenger is found in the engine bay. It is located on the right side of the car, near the front of the engine compartment. The battery can be accessed by removing two large plastic covers that are secured with four clips each.

Once these covers are removed, you will see a black box labeled “Battery” mounted to an aluminum bracket. This box houses your battery and its related components such as a voltage regulator and starter relay. Be sure to disconnect any ground cables from the negative terminal before doing any work on or near your battery.

The 2008 Dodge Avenger features a standard 12-volt battery located in the engine compartment on the passenger side. Accessing it is easy, as there is no need to remove any other components. To ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle, it’s important to check for corrosion buildup or any signs of damage around the battery and make sure all connections are tight and secure.

How to replace 2008 Dodge Avenger Battery

Where is the Battery on a 2008 Dodge Avenger?

The battery on a 2008 Dodge Avenger is located in the engine compartment, on the passenger side of the vehicle. It should be easy to spot as it will be in a black plastic box with two metal terminals sticking out from either end. To access it, simply open up your hood and locate the large box-like structure near the front of the engine bay that houses all of your other components such as spark plugs and air filters.

You’ll find that there are several bolts holding this cover in place – undo these and you will have full access to your battery. Remember to take care when handling any electrical components or tools around an exposed battery, as sparks can cause explosions or fires which could potentially damage both yourself and your car!

Where is the Battery in the Dodge Avenger?

The battery in the Dodge Avenger is located underneath the hood of the car, near the driver’s side fender. It is a 12-volt battery and it should be easy to find, as it is a rectangular box with two metal terminals on top. You may also see several cables connected to it and other components around it.

Before you attempt to remove or replace your battery, make sure that your engine is off and that all accessories such as radios are turned off. Disconnecting the negative cable first will help prevent an electrical surge from damaging any electronics in your vehicle when you disconnect the positive terminal of the battery.

How Do You Replace the Battery on a 2008 Dodge Avenger?

Replacing the battery on a 2008 Dodge Avenger is not difficult, but it does require some time and preparation. Before beginning the process, you’ll need to have a replacement battery with the same specifications as your current one. The first step is to open the hood of your car and locate the negative terminal of your battery.

Using an adjustable wrench or socket wrench, loosen and remove this bolt. Next, disconnect both cables from their respective terminals on the old battery—the positive cable should be detached first followed by the negative cable. Once these are removed, lift out any straps that are holding down your existing battery before removing it altogether.

Place your new battery in its place and secure it using straps if necessary—make sure that all connections fit properly so there’s no risk of short-circuiting or corrosion later on! Finally attach both cables back onto their corresponding terminals and tighten them securely before closing up your car’s hood again. With these simple steps, you can easily replace the batter on a 2008 Dodge Avenger yourself!

Where is the Battery in a 2009 Dodge Avenger?

The battery in a 2009 Dodge Avenger is located in the engine bay, on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It should be fairly easy to spot – it looks like a large rectangular box with two metal terminals coming out of it. The negative terminal will have a ‘-’ sign next to it, while the positive one will have a ‘+’ sign.

You can also find information regarding your car’s battery location and size in your owner’s manual, or by consulting with your local mechanic. However, before attempting any kind of maintenance on the battery yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing and always wear safety goggles and gloves when handling batteries just in case they explode or leak acid onto your skin.

2008 Dodge Avenger Battery Location


2012 Dodge Avenger Battery Size

The 2012 Dodge Avenger uses a Group 24F battery, which is generally considered to be the standard size for most cars. This type of battery offers plenty of power and can last up to five years with proper maintenance. It’s important to make sure you replace your car battery at least every four years or so in order to ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and safely.

2008 Dodge Avenger Battery Size

The 2008 Dodge Avenger uses a 12 volt battery with an 850 cold-cranking amp rating. It is important to replace the original battery size and type when it comes time to replace your battery in order to ensure that your vehicle runs properly and efficiently.

2009 Dodge Avenger Battery Location

The battery location in a 2009 Dodge Avenger is located on the right side of the engine compartment, near the strut tower. It’s easy to access with a socket wrench and should be checked regularly for signs of corrosion or damage.


In conclusion, the 2008 Dodge Avenger is a reliable and dependable car with great features. To keep your vehicle in top condition, it’s important to know where the battery is located for quick access if needed. The 2008 Dodge Avenger battery can be found securely mounted under the hood on the passenger side of the engine bay.

Knowing how to find and replace your battery will help ensure that you get years of trouble-free driving from your vehicle.

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